Look man, we all gotta eat okay? Divine wisdom doesn’t hit the same on an empty stomach, and I personally like having cool things and a place to put them. I’m available for hire for a number of different services across a variety of price points. If you’re interested in the services I offer but you can’t afford them, I would encourage you to reach out to me anyway as I can sometimes work out an alternative to payment if you really need the help.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching sessions for both individuals and groups are available. I have experience are with psychedelics, plurality, autism, ADHD, queer support, rationality, conflict resolution, nonviolent communications, and internal family systems and I bring these unique experiences and perspectives to the table in my work as a life coach. Lets work together and see what flowers we can’t make bloom.

Formal Magic and Spiritual Services

As a Priestess of the Temple of the Void Goddess, I am able to offer a variety of professional magic and spiritual services to the public. This includes but is not limited to weddings, funerals, coming of age ceremonies, infant blessings, cursebreaking, wardbuilding, paranormal investigation, spell construction, and large format ritual coordination. While most of these services are local only, I can be flown to a location if funds are provided.

Shamanic Services

“Have you tried turning yourself off and on again?”

If you find yourself in a place where regular therapy and life coaching just aren’t doing it for you and you need to radically restructure your consciousness and sense of self, this service is for you. I will act as your shaman and guide for a deep dive into your mind using a variety of tools and methods. Let’s build your best self.

Tarot Readings

I offer tarot readings and tarot-centric life coaching sessions. Prices start as low as $15.

Field Line Illustrations

I conduct a small interview and then create a custom drawing of a person’s aura field lines.

Custom Artwork

If you’ve looked through my gallery, like what I do, and just want me to make you some cool art, here’s how.