Intensive Shamanic Services

Have you tried turning yourself off and on again?

As a Priestess of the Void Goddess, I am able to offer a variety of relatively unique shamanic services to a select group on behalf of the Temple of the Void Goddess. Because of the extremely draining nature of these services, and for personal safety reasons, I can only offer them to people I already know and with whom I already have an existing relationship. To those for whom this offer applies, I offer you my services as guide and escort for your journey into the underworld.

Specific services provided will vary extensively between individuals and depend on an initial email assessment following your contact request, but may include identity reconstruction, sex magic rituals, tripsitting, and vision guidance.

Please allow me up to 72 hours to respond to inquires. Due to scheduling restrictions and COVID guidelines, it may be necessary to schedule a significant amount of time in advance.

It is not necessary to send payment until after a date for the service has been scheduled and you may pay any time before the service is scheduled to begin. Please don’t send any payments until after I have contacted you and have formally arranged and scheduled the service I’ll be performing. Once we have scheduled a meeting time and duration, you can pay using the link below.