Field Line Illustrations

The world is knit together by endless invisible strands of energy and force. These include electromagnetic fields, gravitational fields, magical fields, rice fields, leylines, life lines, coke lines, fate lines, bloodlines, and lines at the fast food restaurant. Behind the curtain of the visible and separate, the universe is composed of innumerable energy threads all finely woven together by time.

Each individual possesses their own unique energy field, or aura if that’s more your inclination, and by studying the structures of these fields, we can learn about ourselves, our needs, our values, and our desires. Your energy field is a deep reflection of who your are and your sense of self. How do you carry your body? How much space do you take up? Do you throw your energy out into the room or keep it bound up inside yourself? Do you reach out to others or keep them walled off? What do the gears inside your soul look like? What are the pieces shaped like? How do they connect together? Is there any damage and if so, what is damaged and how might it be fixed?

Field line illustrations are drawings of an individual’s aura, created by studying them and their energy field. I ask a number of questions and chat with you either in person or on video to analyze your energy and use that to construct a model of your energy which you can use as a foundation for self-reflection and personal improvement.

Or, if you don’t believe any of that and think I’m just cold reading you, the end result is still a unique piece of personal artwork which represents my interpretation of your vibes.

Field Line Illustrations begin with a one hour meeting during which I interview you and begin work on your drawing. More involved pieces will take several hours to complete but I only need you present for the initial interview and aura analysis, which typically takes twenty to sixty minutes.

Schedule a Session

Prices for black white white linework start at $25 and include the initial interview in the price. Colored designs are available at higher price tiers and if there’s something specific you’re looking for, just let me know.

I do meetings both online and in-person in the Seattle area. If I know you personally and I feel comfortable with it, we can meet at my house, otherwise we’ll meet up at a coffee shop or some other public location which is easy for us both to reach.

Please allow me up to 72 hours to respond to inquires. Due to scheduling restrictions and COVID guidelines, it may be necessary to schedule a significant amount of time in advance.

It is not necessary to send payment until after an appointment has been scheduled and you may pay any time before our appointment is scheduled to begin. Please don’t send any payments until after I have contacted you and we have formally scheduled a date to meet. Once we have scheduled a meeting time and duration, you can pay using the link below.

After our session is complete, it may take up to 72 additional hours to complete your piece and send it to you. I normally send high quality digital images, but if you are interested in owning the original piece it can be yours for an addition $20 plus any shipping costs.