Can we talk?

// Angels, cults, abuse, purpose

Hey sweetie, hey, hey can we talk? I just wanted to pass something on real quick. What? No, I’m not angry or anything, no of course not, just, me and the others have been talking about you, and um.

Listen sweetie.

We know you’ve been trying your hardest to be a good person for us, and we know how much effort you’re putting in, but we also know that you want to earn care and support for that effort, and that reveals your inner selfishness and toxicity, so we don’t want you around anymore.

What? I told you already I’m not angry, I don’t hate you, you’re beneath my hate sweetie don’t worry about that. Why then? I don’t have to hate a turd to not want it left on my kitchen table, and that’s what you are, really. This is just taking out the trash, just delivering the message so that the record’s straight, you know?

Not fair? Oh but it’s perfectly fair, don’t you see? I know, I know, you have been trying so hard haven’t you? I know you really do want to be good, but you only want those things because you think they’ll make us help you, and you don’t deserve that help, you didn’t earn it. Besides, we all know what you are, and we all know you’ll always be a net negative. You’re a cursed dead thing, all you can do is cause harm and suffering. I know you want to be good, but you just don’t have it in you, your actions if iterated over enough logical time inevitably cause harm and prove you were a monster all along, we all see it.

You can deny the truth all you want but I know that deep down you’re just another adorable monster out to distract us from our important work, and you know it too, that’s what makes you so horrible. You think you can just walk in here and play all sweet and cute and innocent, like you can just cry and be pathetic whenever you need to get your way, like we don’t see how you’re trying to emotionally blackmail us with your instability? We’re not blind sweetie, you’re nothing special. There’s a million other broken pathetic failures claiming to be angels where you came from. You’re a type, and I’ve met your type plenty of times before. You’re gross, frankly. I’ve seen the fundamental ugliness of your soul, your words and actions have revealed you to me, even if you won’t ever admit the truth to yourself. Lie all you want, it doesn’t matter anymore, your lies won’t get you any further after today, we’re done playing those games with you.

Don’t cry sweetie, you know you can’t manipulate me like that, there’s too much at stake for me to care about your emotions. Not that I would anyway, not after what you said. You should just be quiet, the more of a scene you cause, the more apparent it makes it that you need to be disposed of.

You can’t lie about this, I have screenshots and logs, if you didn’t want them getting posted, you shouldn’t have said those things. The fact that you were in severe distress when you did is irrelevant, you said them. Words have meanings, and you meant what you said. Try to cover it up however you like, we all know you’re evil deep down.

No, trying harder won’t help, and the fact that you have to try is yet more evidence of just how vile you are. You’re gaslighting yourself if you think you can be good, if you actually care about the cause, you’ll happily let yourself be destroyed in service of it. Now fuck off.

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