Tick. Tick. Tick.

// disposability, objectification, cancellation, real fears, abuse

So how long do you think you have? You know it’s coming after all. The Big Day. The day they Figure Out The Truth. The day they block you on all their twitters and kick you out of all their discord servers. The day they scrape your clingy little hands off the things you made with them and deny ever having been your friend. It’ll be so easy after all, they just didn’t know The Truth yet, but they will, and you will burn for it.

It’s impressive that you keep trying despite knowing how futile it all is. Keep talking, keep smiling, keep holding onto that false hope that this time maybe you’re wrong and it’ll be different. It won’t be. You know it won’t be.

Nah, I’m not going to tell you anything. Don’t worry, I’ll keep fucking you right up to when the Big Day comes and then, I’ll laugh, spitting in your face, and ditch you like everyone else is. Obviously. Why would it ever be different? You deserve worse honestly, you know what you are, what you really are, you know that you deserve worse.

Maybe that’s why you keep trying so earnestly? Hoping if you earn enough good graces they’ll actually have the decency to put you out of your misery instead of just leaving you to rot alive? Oh sweetheart, you don’t deserve that kindness either. It’s not that no one has the guts to actually do it, it’s just more fun to watch you struggle pathetically.

The Big Day’s coming soon, better finish up anything you care about before then. Not that you ever do anything meaningful, you’re just a mimic after all, copying the work of better artists and better friends. Besides, aren’t you excited? Can you hear the clock ticking counting down? We’re going to all have so much fun ruining you.

Maybe if you fawn at me hard enough and let me fuck you enough times, I’ll go easy on you. Probably not, but there’s only one way to find out, right?

The clock’s ticking sweetheart. Can you hear it?

Tick. Tick. Tick.

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