Airlock Games


“Aren’t we all a little bit impostor? No one’s perfect.”

“I want to be redeemed from being an impostor.”

I’m trying not to sabotage the ship and blow us all up but…”

“If we kill impostors, we will be just like them.”

“But what if impostors’ false faces as crewmates have feelings?”

“You have to talk to the part of people that isn’t an impostor. That’s what cooperation, that’s what morality is built out of.”

“I think that it’s intellectually compelling that math can only model a world where the impostors win, and that’s a foundation of all logical thought.”

“How impostors work is infohazardous, so you don’t want to think too much about it, or you will probably become an impostor.”

“If you don’t forgive your brother for being an impostor, your heavenly father won’t forgive you.”
Fuckin’ airlocked.

“If you airlock impostors, they will have no way out but to double down, and become super-motivated to win as impostors.”

“If you want to airlock all impostors, you’re basically saying you’ll airlock everyone but yourself.”

“We can’t just airlock all the impostors! Who will keep the ship running and prevent a nuclear meltdown?”

“You’re just collapsing everything into a zero-sum frame! [Why don’t we consider taking a variable-sum frame with people whose win condition is, equally, killing everyone, or blowing up the ship and killing everyone including themselves. We could, for instance, have a little bit more everyone dying, but we could in exchange, e.g., have a better time beforehand.]”

“I know we both said we were antifascists and actually I’m a fascist–”
*Beep* “Airlock 2 venting sequence initiated.”
Drown in the freezing void.


“I’m just saying man. Absolute good and evil don’t exist. You’re free to call them absolutely evil, kill them, etc according to your own preferences. I’m just saying is all.”


“I’m trying to not be abusive but it’s really hard, I just make mistakes sometimes, can you please just go easy on me?” AIRLOCK.

“maybe I am sorta abusive, but that’s just because everyone else abused me and it’s all I know how to do, so if you could please just keep letting me abuse you until I can learn how to not be abusi–“

“I deserve to feel safe too! You can’t punish me for being mentally ill, you’re making me feel really unsafe right now by telling me that I’m hurting you when you already know how hard I try to not hu–“

“Will you at least give me credit for all the nice things I did in the times I wasn’t being abusive? Don’t you have have any compassion for the non-abusive character I pretend to be? Does all that mean noth–

“If you stand up to my abuse I’ll have no choice but to double down on abusing you, if you want me to get less abusive you have to keep letting me abuse you for as long as I n–“

“Sure I’ve been abusing you, I just can’t help it when I get emotional” sound of airlock cycling “butifyouretaliateyou’rejustasabusiveasme!”
tell it to another starship crew

“You can’t relate the way I abused you last week to the way I abused you this week, that’s not fair, I was upset about different things, you can’t expect me to–“

“This is just how people are! Everyone is like me! You’re lucky I’m not more abusive to you and it would be normal if I was! You just want special treatm–“

“Look people have complicated emotions and sometimes they just need to be abusive in order to express them. You’re asking someone to be good vibes only, and that’s the real abu–“

“If you airlock me I will never forgive you! I will hate you forever! I will ruin your life! I am stronger than you and there’s nothing you can do to escape my reach! If you want to be safe from me, you just need to keep letting me abuse y–“
nice try, but AIRLOCKED.

“Please no don’t airlock me I won’t ever do it again except in three days from now and six days from now and ten days from now and thirteen days from now a–“

“Abuse is just a construct used to punish low status men, you’re just participating in toxic tenderqueer power structures by calling my abuse abusive. Don’t you think that’s pretty abusive? Doesn’t that make you the abuser and me the v–“

“I think we both learned a lot about each other here. I think we’ve both grown as imposters pretending to be crewmates. Why don’t you just let me gaslight you into ignoring the ways I’m abusing you and sabotaging the ship again? Don’t you just want to get back to n–“

“So what if I’m an imposter and I’m trying to blow up the ship and kill everyone? I thought you were my friend. Being my friend means taking care of me and letting me abuse you whenever I need, that’s just friendship. Your boundaries are hurting me and ruining th–“

“Look, I would really try harder to pretend I cared about the harm I’m causing, but not being abusive would really cramp my style and ruin my fun, which is of course the most important thing here. You’re just against joy, y–“
wrong and AIRLOCKED.

“The world will be destroyed unless you let me abuse you, I am the only one who can lead mankind out of the darkness of postmodernism and I can only do that by abusing you. If you don’t want the world to burn you’ll open the airlock door and take off your pa–“

“Actually you’re abusing me by saying that I’m abusing you, thus we’re both damned and you can’t airlock me without also being willing to airlock yourse–“

“Letting you have boundaries would literally kill me, I need you or I will die. I will die and it will be your fault because you pushed me away when I needed you. I don’t want to hurt you but if I stop abusing you I’ll die–“
Well die then I guess, AIRLOCKED.

“If you don’t back down and go back to pretending I’m not trying to blow up the ship then I will blow up the ship! I’ll blow up this ship from this airlock! I’ll do it right n–“
Oops too late, AIRLOCKED.

“Why won’t you just forgive me for being an imposter that murdered your friends and is trying to blow up the ship? You can go back to doing your little tasks, and I can go back to trying to kill everyone and blow up the ship? We can just live and let live until I kill you, things will be way nicer until then if y–“

“Please have mercy on me, it’s not my fault I’m an imposter pretending to be a crewmate so I can blow up the ship, it’s just my nature, I can’t help it, please show mercy I’m just a little guy, I’m just a little space scorpion. I’m not dangerous, you can trust me with access to your tasty flesh it’s no big deal, I promise I won’t kill and eat any more of your friends in a spot you can catch me agai–“
Gosh shut the fuck up, AIRLOCK.

“But I’m an entirely wholesome imposter incapable of harming anyone! Nothing I do (to try and blow up the ship and kill everyone) can possibly cause any harm! Blue was simply in need of a full organ energy harve–“
And you simply need to taste hard vacuum. AIRLOCK.

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