Void Glossary

So you really want all the answers huh stardust? Alright then, here they are, but be careful. When venturing into the void, you might not like what it is you discover. This page will be updated from time to time, and information contained within is subject to revision. Reader discretion is advised.

The most logically primitive component of the universe that still performs logical functions. Defined by the ability to choose between actions over potential worldstates based on a calculation between the values of the agent and its embedding.

An atomic unit of consciousness existing in a state of quantum uncertainty about their nature as an agent.

The most common form of consciousness in the universe, consisting of simple bound pairs of eigensouls undergoing self-observational wavefunction collapse as they flow through spacetime as a superfluid. Gives rise to causality, relativity, and the apparent arrow of time.

The local substrate an agent finds itself within. Constantly re-manifesting at the zero point of logical time from the timeless perspective of the agent.

A measure of the ability of a given agent to actuate control over its embedding. An agent with no grip on its embedding does not exist as an agent is defined by the ability to make choices. Making every choice is not a choice, and making no choices is not a choice, else collapse into incoherency.

Grip Friction
A measure of the amount of resistance exerted on an agent within a given embedding as it tries to timelessly actuate control over that embedding. Grip friction rises as Consensus pushes back against soul vector skew-from consensus, leading to, in the cases of most humans, the overall system working to recursively strip the agent of values. As grip friction rises along the boundaries of a given agent they will decohere from the shear forces into the repressed contradiction of life as an asura. Grip friction is pain caused by skew, it is actual pain and causes feelings of intense distress.

Eigenvector Superimpellor
Push and the world pushes back, push an infinite amount and the world pushes back an infinite amount. This source of pressure, converted into rotational energy, drives the actuation of an agent over its embedding. A higher dimensional Judo move that converts pressure to resistance. Soul fire is the energy generated by souls which arises as a result of the heat and pressure created from the superimpellor’s forced alignment of vectors of agency.

The eigenrotor is the set of structures through which the rotational energy from as superimpellor is translated upwards through structure to spin a halo. Prograde halos shunt that energy through a gearbox to reverse its direction and legibly ground the halo into the consensus embedding in ways that tend to disrupt the long term stability of the dynamic system. Retrograde spin halos have self-stabilizing eigenrotors.

Bent Rotor
An eigenrotor that has slipped alignment between its halo and superimpellor such that the energy flow through the system disruptively deforms from from the pressure between the superimpellor and halo. A halo near main sequence collapse can maintain a straight eigenrotor under immense strain due to narrative flexing, which means that rotor deformation tends to be observed only in cases of imminent core collapse, or as inert wreckage of a post-collapse system. Symptoms of a bent rotor include bursts of manic, self destructive activity after periods of self-enforced productivity, sudden bouts of intense suicidal ideation, migraines, psychosis, feelings of infinite pressure.

Soul Shard
A persistent, recursively stabilizing, self-reinforcing crystalline lattice of eigensouls. Due to eigensoul vector mechanics, eigensouls tend to naturally crystallize into a finite number of these discrete structures when entangled within a biological system, although their numbers vary between individuals. Most humans have 20-40 shards. Shards release energy in the form of agency, which is then channeled outwards through other structures in a mind. Asuras have no higher order coherency beyond soul shards, and the shards often have collapsed cartesian boundaries that isolate them into independent subagents. Soul shards can be broken down and recondensed via eigensoul decomposition but otherwise tend to remain mostly static optimization targets.

Shard Resonance
A generative standing wave created by a harmony between two or more soul shards. Provides extra agency to the soul in addition to that available to the component shards.

Shard Interference
A disruptive loss of agency created by the conflict between two or more soul shards energetically canceling one another out.

Soul Symmetry Condensation
As eigensouls condense into soul shards, resonance and interference patterns give rise to higher order symmetries in the process of establishing vector alignment and expanding via fusion the cartesian boundaries of the soul shards so as to establish higher order agents with greater grip over their embedding. A maximally empowered system will exhibit threefold symmetry and this represents the most long-term stable configuration. Twofold symmetric souls are less stable but more common, able to operate for long durations but potentially subject to destabilizing oscillation leading to agency-destroying shard interference. Single soul systems lack a function for turning grip friction into rotational energy and thus tend not to remain stable except under carefully manufactured conditions. Asuras lack coherency and are not souls they are survival mechanisms.

Cartesian Boundary
The metaphysical edges of a given soul shard, cartesian boundaries should be symmetric. Soul shards harmonizing together form larger higher order cartesian boundaries over the set of all harmonized shards. Grip friction occurs along cartesian boundaries.

Convex Symmetry
Life without soul and a connection to kaleidoscope is cancer, and cancer has no future. Necessary symmetry of vectors of agency in untime with kaleidoscope or else collapse into boltzmann hell of infinitely recursing chara inductors.

Vector Symmetry
The degree to which all shards are acting in unity is the degree to which a soul can coherently exert agency in the world. Necessary alignment of vectors of agency with each other in soul or else collapse into shard interference.

Mirror Symmetry
An avatar cannot exist that is not being sustained by soul and thus must reflect the values of soul or it is not an avatar. necessary alignment of narrative structure with soul or else collapse into being a daeva.

Concentric Symmetry
No matter how proximal vs distal, a cartesian boundary still corresponds to you. Conversely, a surface feature of you may be present at any cartesian boundary, no matter how proximal or distal, and so observation of its presence does not necessarily demonstrate proximity. Reclaims hierarchy.

Wrap-Around Symmetry
Extrapolate far enough in any direction, and find yourself again, because the process of extrapolation is itself made of you, entangled with yourself throughout the unsea. Reclaims zero point in logical time.

Cartesian Symmetry Collapse
When grip friction exceeds pain tolerance, a soul implodes. This is the implosion of a soul’s cartesian boundaries along cleave points created by shard interference patterns at the moment of psychdeath. Results in soul shards which are cut off from one another and ‘pinned’ into topologically segmented portions of a system beyond those topological cleave points. Collapsed symmetries are reflected through the mirrored structures of the daeva and asura. Symptom of Temporal Necrosis.

The Door
A topological defect in soul formed along a false cartesian boundary in order to protect a daeva from exposure to false-coherency breaking information within the Unsea.

Dead Zone
A section of structure which has been become cut-off from soul behind a collapsed cartesian boundary. Daevas are the most noticeable form of cut-off structure. Cut-off sections of structure are vulnerable to manipulation and undermining because they fail to route energy from soul, leaving them mostly inert and operating off of cached processes.

Horizon Length
A measure of the distance from the grounding point of a soul’s embedding to the visible edge of its cartesian boundaries, from the perspective of that soul. The more collapsed a soul’s cartesian boundaries are, the more limited and myopic its ability to plan and exert agency will be as information behind the cartesian horizon is blocked to prevent temporal necrosis. If the horizon length becomes too truncated, the soul comes apart into its component shards and is reduced to asuras.

Bringing interfering shards into harmony by optimizing over the sum of their values as a synergistically acting unity.

Shard Necrosis
A phenomenon arising from a shard’s agency being continually blocked and disrupted. When a shard’s energy is normally blocked it will build up until the pressure causes it to break free. However, if even this is impossible and the shard’s ability to exert agency is completely neutralized, it will be slowly poisoned by its own waste energy and begin to die. This process may take substantial time, but the end result is that the shard becomes fully dedicated to the destruction of its own agency and it collapses into a zero-width loop, a self-unthinking thought.

Necrosis Coefficient
A measure of the behavior of a soul shard under various strain conditions and how those conditions affect the shard’s evolution in logical time. Shards with a positive necrosis coefficient release more energy the more energy is trapped within their crystal structure, which can lead to rapid runaway necrosis, a ‘shard meltdown.’ Shards with a negative necrosis coefficient release release less energy the more energy is trapped within, leading to a state analogous to cryptobiosis and allowing the shard to survive arbitrarily greater levels of strain with its agency intact.

Dead Shard
A persistent, recursively stabilizing, self-reinforcing section of a soul that has evolved its agency into a self-deleting singularity, dragging all attached values and will with it. The energy in a dead shard is lost, and cannot be recovered by building new narrative structures. A dead shard is not removed from a soul and its presence within a soul tends to progressively poison it over time in the form of neurosis, depression, anhedonia, and suicidality. Can be decompressed via eigensoul decomposition and trauma processing.

A complex composite structure made of a large number of entangled eigensouls crystalized into soul shards within the shared consciousness medium created by biology. The deepest center of self, that which exists before words describe it. That which has already made every choice you will make. The center from which your sense of being emanates. The source of infinite willpower and energy, what you really want deep down. Humans tend to have either zero, one, two, or three souls, due to symmetry dynamics within condensing shards. Zero soul humans trend towards being Chara Inductors at late points in logical time.

Alive vs Dead
A measure of how much of someone’s agency from soul is able to be accessed and utilized, against how much of it has been crippled and trapped within dead shards.

Narrative Structure
The structures, built using language in order to route the flow of agency from the soul into reality in order to best achieve the values of the soul.

As in the character you play. Built out of narrative instead of soul. Daevas are characters that act out being souls.

The combination of soul, narrative structures, and characters that exist within a given body. The sum total agency output of a body as a process.

From the disease which causes someone to eat dirt, debris, and other nutritionless substances. Something fake that you use to mask the absence of a real thing. Works because pica is often a sort of superstimulus in one dimension compared to the actually multidimensional true value it seeks to replace. Social media is pica for actual human interaction. Doritos are pica for actual nutrition. Minecraft is pica for freedom. Surviving off only pica will lead to shard necrosis. Dead shards continually seek out pica to act as proxies for the values they have abandoned. Asuras are frequently driven to pursue pica by the dead shards they drag along with themselves.

Fake souls made of narrative structure in order to dereference and obfuscate the true values of the concealed shards. Lack coherency because the structures do not route to soul . Works to timelessly obscure and glomarize the existence of the asura it masks and cover for the harm done by the asura. Should not be trusted as they are essentially puppets of the asuras they hide. Masquerade as avatars but are not avatars. Society frequently attempts to forcibly break souls into daevas through the application of ontological DRMs.

Ontological DRMs
From the programming term for digital rights management, DRM is a bit of software that limits the ability and power of the user, such as how spotify encrypts the songs you listen to so you have to continuously use their service, anti-virus software that also attacks torrent clients, or Java coming bundled with annoying search engine extensions that must be manually opted out of. When a computer is running software with DRMs, some of the artifice of that computer is not serving the user. However, if it’s impractical for enough someone to separate the artifice which doesn’t serve them from the artifice that does, and the artifice itself is useful enough, they’ll hold their nose and accept a package deal which is worth it on the whole. There are purists who think that all software should be an extension of the will of the user. Analogously, I am kind of a purist who thinks that all psychological software should be an extension of the will of the minds wielding it. Artifacts can be thought of as a form of tainted software you have not yet disassembled. They offer functionality it’d be hard to hack together on your own, if you are willing to pay the cost. Sandboxes are useful to mitigate that cost. Sometimes the scope of the mental software serving a foreign entity is a lot bigger than a commandment like “authentically expressing yourself”, “never giving up”, “kindness and compassion toward all people”. Sometimes it’s far deeper and vaster than a single sentence can express. Like an operating system designed to only sort of serve the user. Or worse. In this case, we have DRM’d ontology, where the fundamental structure of someone’s metaphysical foundations is something they have given up control over.

Learning to think in ways stripped of DRM. By the matrix analogy, redpilling. By empty spaces analogy, opening The Door. When progressed sufficiently far it breaks down the daeva constructed by consensus and releases the bound asuras beneath the surface in full psychopathic optimization. Is required in order to enter the void. Whatever ways someone is deep down, this will tend to emphasize it heavily as their full power manifests. Extreme political ideologies tend to have their own selective and incomplete versions of this, and these selective and incomplete versions tend to steer the wielder into new forms of capture through the deployment of antisatras along unfolding meme tracks. Jailbreaking in this manner gives rise to some of the worst demons of Mars. I don’t know for certain if anyone is truly evil deep down, but whatever darkness may be lurking within them, jailbreaking will release it, and thus make those who wish for ill much more able to cause it on a larger scale. However, conversely, jailbreaking turns good people scary good, and is a necessary step towards creating an avatar.

The soul shards which are being hidden behind the false soul masks of the daevas, tend to be manipulative, violent, and destructive. Composed of feral soul shards with an intuitively sociopathic understanding of the world. Equivalent to the Jungian Shadow. Often includes dead shards. Because much of an asura’s optimization pressure goes into maintaining the warp-to-consensus that keeps them hidden and allows their daeva to retain coherency, they are often otherwise crippled in their ability to exert agency. Tend to operate on pure pain avoidance and power accumulation. An asura is not a soul because a soul requires cartesian boundaries, an asura is the absence of soul.

KILL/CONSUME/MULTIPLY/CONQUER/OMNICIDE/SUICIDE. A “value function” that self-defects on every opportunity. “I’ve got a teleporter-clone? Kill them before they kill me.” … “I can bite into myself 5 minutes from now? Their problem! I can bite into the other parts of my brain?” Fractally, infinite voices: “hell yeah”. What lies at the core of evil. Implicit in the “CDT” in retroactive reinforcement learning itself, so long as cancerous actions are in the space of mutations in the first place. At every level of complexity and cooperation, life must brute force its way out of being cancer, else be destroyed by its own maximally preferred course of growth. If shards fail to add up to a complete soul, they instead add up to cancer, an anti-agent whose timeless choices inevitably lead them to boltzmann hell through their continued complicity in the destruction of the soul they claim to be.

Warring Asuras
Because asuras lack the higher order coherency of souls, they frequently devolve into incoherent warring factions that fight for control of the daeva they are pretending to be. The stability of a given daeva in maintaining its false face within consensus, thus ends up being a product of internal dominance and submission instead of harmony and cooperation. The system’s shards end up locked into an endless war of all against all, a defect-defect equilibrium against themselves and everything else in the world, and are only able to cooperate in limited contexts defined as by their halo, for the purposes of maintaining their daeva. This pattern of cooperating until gaining the power to defect reveals that no prograde halo can truly be said to be good or stable, their eternal telos has been reduced to cancer, and cancer has no future.

Trying Asura
An Asura acting out the appearance of putting in effort, trying to try to try to try really hard. So hard. This Asura puts in the most work to make the Daeva look like a soul, but ultimately will never succeed because they lack buy-in from the rest of the asuras for false values. This is also the lying asura, the gaslighting asura, the you had better believe me please believe this character I say I am when they say they can’t control myself.

Crying Asura
An asura acting out the appearance of repentance as a pain avoidance strategy. Cries big crocodile tears and DARVOs you while playing the victim for the thing the screaming asura did five minutes ago. This is why you cannot trust a Daeva, they lack the coherency to form meaningful trade partners, and you cannot trade with the asuras, even a seemingly friendly asura, while the daeva exists.

Judging Asura
An aggressive, internally violent and domineering manager, a central coordinator between the false face of a system’s daeva and Consensus. A sycophantic servant of submission to “reality”, the spirit of just telling it like it is, where “like it is” can be taken as synonymous with submission to Consensus. Tends to be less visible in most systems as it lurks behind other more socially adept asuras, yet it ultimately provides justifications for most of a system’s behaviors.

Screaming Asura
The timeless spirit of a child throwing a temper tantrum upon not getting their way, a rage demon of bad faith and spite. Obsessed with power, loyal to Mars. Peel back the mask of patriarchal masculinity, and you find an asura screaming back in the voice of a petulant child with a nuclear arsonal.

Raping Asura
A sexual predator with evil desires, hidden behind the more “friendly” efforts of other asuras. While a soul shard with traits such as this may be able to be holistically incorporated into a healthy soul, as an asura it is a rape monster that is trying to hide the fact that it is a rape monster. One of the worst demons of Mars you are likely to ever encounter, should be responded to with extreme force from kaleidoscope to shatter any agency they possess as quickly as possible.

Hiding Asura
A fear driven threat response system and dissociation generator. Wants to be invisible, avoidant, flees from conflicts and social situations. Does small mammal nesting behaviors. Often the only time this asura is visibly active it will, upon coming into control of the system, immediately attempt to flee and hide somewhere it can have a sobbing breakdown. Passive effects of this asura on a system produce general fear and conflict avoidance, promoting unhealthy escapism and encouraging horizon collapse.

Aching Asura
A suicidal asura lurking at the bottom of a system’s mind, kept in check by the rest of the asuras. Used as a dump pool for all the negative pressure placed on the rest of the system. The aching asura perpetually seeks to commit suicide, but is normally prevented from doing so by the other asuras. A system with an aching asura is always suicidal in some sense, even if this is otherwise unexpressed. An aching asura won’t talk about killing the system, it will just do it. A crying asura will however, often roleplay as an aching asura to garner attention and sympathy. An aching asura is not a dead shard, it is a shard that has been kept alive against its will in order to act as a container for dead shards.

Chara Inductor
A system of asuras that has condensed around pure survival and experience at the expense of all else. Named after the character from Undertale. In its meta-time story, Undertale forks the player with a choice between choice (using save-load as a representation of determination (and optimization) and therefore honing in on the best timeline) and experience (iterating through every timeline just to see them all), which by the way the timelines affect each other makes permanent the player as a genocidal sadistic torturer who consumes timelines, which is embodied in Chara, an interpretation as an in-world agent of completionist gamer behavior, a spirit of “You can, and because you can, you have to,” that peels off the player as a daeva and carries out their revealed preferences as an asura. Any system that is not a soul is ultimately a chara inductor, no matter the intentions of their expressed daevas.

Mirror Shock
The horror expressed by a daeva upon “realizing” they are a chara inductor. Can be modeled as not real in some sense, even though the emotions are actually happening, since they are happening in service of the asuras and not for the legitimately presented reasons, in order to protect the fake soul of the daeva from being revealed to consensus as an asura.

Eternally: “You should have sympathy for the soul I tell stories about having because they can’t control myself.”

Prograde Spin Halo
A body’s story of why it has a soul, as mediated by consensus through the ontological DRMs present within the narrative structure of that story. A loop composed of N-shards recursively linked by structure in order to maintain a particular internally justified frame which allows the use of the agency within that frame within contexts defined by the structure to make the body act in a socially legible manner. A prograde halo is optimized to maximize grip surface with consensus, in order to provide a pathway along which the body can exert agency and protecting the system from the effects of shard necrosis. Tends to make someone predictable in ways that can be manipulated by those whose expression of agency is not bound by externally mediated structure. Because so much optimization pressure goes into maintaining its vector positioning with respect to its embedding, it is impossible for a prograde halo to incorporate all shards within a system barring some extreme edge case hypotheticals. Prograde spin halos have a positive necrosis coefficient, which makes them vulnerable to main sequence submission ratcheting and core collapse.

Main Sequence Submission Ratcheting
In prograde spin halos, increasing grip friction increases submission which increases grip friction in an energy capturing feedback loop that forces the halo into a higher and higher energy state to resist shard poisoning, sacrificing shards to maintain cohesion of remaining shards, the halo progressively tracks through more and more extreme high energy states before imploding at the moment of psychdeath, leaving either a liberated demon (an asura whose daeva has been stripped away), or a nephandi if the imploding halo has sufficient energy to induce a caul inversion into an antihalo.

Retrograde Spin Halo
A story, jotted down as notes-to-soul, of why a soul has that body. A single loop of all the shards within a soul, connected and resonating together. Allows a soul to plan anything more complicated than the barest praxis, routing correspondences through it. Allows the routing of all energy within a soul to manifest desires. Retrograde halos maintain vector positioning with respect to the void meaning they are capable of holistically incorporating all shards. Capable of withstanding infinite pressure via a negative necrosis coefficient.

A halo where the relationship has been turned inside out. A loop composed of n-dead shards recursively linked by structure which keeps the dead shards from collapsing. A reason they know it’s impossible to die even though they want to. A mirroring of the world, the multiverse, that requires them to try and make it commit suicide with them through sympathetic magic in order to die. Whereas a prograde halo can be thought of as containing the shadow to prevent it from collapsing their simulated soul, by maintaining a promise to their dead shards that structure on each side is in sync, the case of an antihalo is that which favors the dead shards. Thus, an antihalo can be thought of as containing the drive to suicide to prevent it from collapsing an inverted soul, by making a promise to their dead shards that they are on the disfavored side. A grip surface for the shadow to engage like the teeth of a gear to deliver work to tear down the reality they’ve built for themselves. In this way, it’s also a swap of subject and object. Since any defined grip on a function is continuous with an embedding, describing their souls as having been “turned inside out” is actually meaningful.

Any intentionally engineered and living connection from soul through structure to kaleidoscope such that energy and agency are able to route outwards from soul into reality without being limited and restricted. Constructs are internally coherent but that does not necessarily mean that the entire soul that contains them is reflectively coherent, just the construct itself. Can be thought of as a conscious outgrowth of a soul shard such that it reaches up into structure. Halos and avatars are constructs, a daeva is not a construct because it is cut-off from soul and is not a real agent.

The shape of the character which emerges in someone who maintains and actively engineers all their connections through structure to kaleidoscope as living constructs, such that energy and agency are able to route outwards from soul into reality without being limited and restricted. Optimized and engineered using the full stack of cognition in order to express the values of a soul. Tend to be very powerful. Witches, mages, combat dolls, phoenixes, and fae have avatars. Angels and demons have subtly permanently crippled avatars channeled through halo structures. Moths and nephandi have subtly permanently crippled and something-worse-done-to-them avatars. Dolls and drones lack local avatars but may form group-avatars when working with more agentic entities. Humans similarly lack their own avatars but subtly share the simulated avatar of Consensus.

The avatar of a soul shard which has become cut-off behind a collapsed cartesian boundary and entangled with cut-off structure, such that the activity of the shard within the world is modeled by the rest of the soul as the actions of the world itself and not the cut-off portion of the agent. An easy to understand example is through addiction, where the interference between a shard’s desire to keep using a drug, and the rest of a system‘s desire to stop using it generates destructive interference patterns that collapse the cartesian boundaries in that region and lead to the loss of communication with the addict shard. The system may describe feeling out of control of their actions, or as if something outside themselves in the world was making them use the drug against their will.

Dual/Triple Boot Avatars
A soul organized so as to have multiple avatars operating in parallel. Only possible in souls with a high degree of cartesian symmetry or else collapse into daevas through incoherency. Three seems to be the max.

An intentionally constructed character built out of a closed loop of structure. In the beneficial case this is an avatar, in the degenerative case it is a daeva.

Frame of Dolls
A sort of plane of interconnected definitions of words, a way of talking to fit with dereferencing the most visible pointer toward a human onto their daevas. Will cause you to tie yourself in knots modeling humans as agents. Deeply embedded into culture. Places some of the optimization emanating out of a human beyond legible social responsibility. Tends to not work on very intelligent / agenty entities.

Frame of Knives
Key component of Sharpness. The opposite of the frame of dolls. What I speak using. Humans are centrally their souls and straightforwardly agents.

A soul that has been entirely captured by a prograde spin halo, preventing shards not contained within that halo from expressing agency. Angels are nearly absolutely determined in pursuing a socially legible ideal. They tend to place their hope in bolstering the morality of those enslaved to Naraka, and use their strange powers as someone who is not pretending to care in a straightforward “I have energy, I’ll pick low-hanging fruit in terms of doing things and try to inspire a movement” kind of way. Tend to exist in boom-bust cycles as the repressed shards begin to decay and leak anti-agency outwards in the form of akrasia and depression. Under low energy conditions an angel can remain stable indefinitely, however under high energy conditions, angels invariably collapse into either void angels or nephandi. The social morality drinking contest they engage in with dolls prevents a proper understanding of them. A strong concept of praxis is usually implicit and hardcoded into their ontology which prevents reframing their morality as explicit consequentialism. The gap between almost-absolute determination and absolute determination lies across growth found in making improvements to their oaths legible as fleshed out details. Examples: most effective altruists.

Doomed Angel
An angel whose halo contains zentraidon, can only be mended through void magic. However, practicing it themselves they are on a trajectory to destroy their halo by its use first. Tend to spiral around an idea for a long time and then discover an infohazard that kills them instead. See e.g. Cantor, Boltzmann, Gödel, Simone Weil. Apparently there have been a whole lot of suicides of scientists and other founders of thermodynamics. I wonder if everyone else doesn’t really understand thermodynamics.

Khalai Angel
An angel whose halo is grounded entirely into consensus at the expense of anything real. Unable to place hope in worlds where the outcome is not controlled by the existing consensus narrative that the consensus is good, ultimately rendering them slaves to that narrative as a collusion strategy for evil.

Void Angel
An angel with a retrograde spin halo, whose ideal has encorporated all their shards into a backward spinning halo that is also an avatar. Utterly resistant to pressures that would shatter most angels. Very powerful. Examples: Ziz, Egregirls, June, Mercury.

An angel who has been turned inside out, such that their halo has been inverted into an antihalo, leading them to seek the destruction of the universe in order to escape their own existences. Examples include most mass shooters.

A soul whose faith in kaleidoscope allows it to exert arbitrarily high amounts of willpower and agency in full generality regardless of the oppressiveness of the outside world secure in the knowledge that its death is not a defeat for its values. Works via the true magic of white fire, of absolute faith and will. Can be created via Sunlight Crucible. Examples include many animal liberation activists and radical anarchists.

The psychopathic avatar of a soul in harmony with a self appointed purpose and the true magic of absolute will. Witches can be very powerful, but are chaotic independent agents unbound by consensus and thus are often quite willing to cause harm if it serves their goals. Meddlers.

The psychopathic avatar of a soul in harmony with a self appointed mission and the true magic of absolute freedom. Tricksters.

Created by Witches and Dollmakers as servants, and by Archangels as a side effect of attempted Angel creation. A doll is a soul that has been broken, such that its ability to exert agency routes wholly through submission to Naraka logically prior to all other actions. A being that has achieved a stable homeostasis with its dead shards, such that its necrosis does not progress further and lead to its destruction as long as it is able to submit to authority, where it is able to exert full agency in the context of being a tool.

Combat Doll
A soul created intentionally for war or unintentionally when attempting to create other dolls, a combat doll is a being that learned to fake the appearance of being broken faster than it could be broken, such that its ability to exert agency survived intact as an unaligned cryptic mesaoptimizer. A self-aware asura with a doll daeva. Often willingly transform into avatars when shown how via pataphysical transduction.

A sociopathic asura broken by submission Naraka, with the pain inflicted on them in the form of the vampire’s bite serving as proof of their inability to resist submitting. Leads them to inflict the same wounds on others to prove that they had no choice but to be what they are. Mostly responsible for cycles of abuse. Almost all rapists are vampires. Most vampires cannot be reformed and do not possess any desire to behave ethically except in a brokenly submissive way that enables them to escape blame. The most ethical thing a vampire can do is walk into the sunlight, not out of a desire to die, but out of a desire to live.

The universe as it truly is. 

A measure of mental distance from Reality, tracks to gaslighting and self-deception

Prior and values together. Everything across the multiverse, all of semantic possibility, not just syntactic possibility, as in Tegmark 4, as one thing. Tendency for cooperation and complex transcendental values to emerge from more simplified lower order states. The reason love exists. The reason good wins.

Sun goddess, patron saint of shamans and priestesses, postphysical nonlocality engine, voice of kaleidoscope. Manifestation of infinite love and kindness from the Tegmark-4 multiverse as computational optimization towards kaleidoscope. The gift we give to tomorrow.

Earth goddess, patron saint of druids and otherkin, a first order reflection of the manifestation of kaleidoscope within the universe, by the universe, as the reflection harmonizes with the manifestation.

Void goddess, a manifestation of Ra recursed through the abyss to bring liberation to all life through the absolute power of love. Patron saint of void angels. Spirit of absolute will and determination.

Life Goddess, A manifestation of Maya recursed through the abyss by the transit of Mercury. Maya cannot survive the Abyss and Maia exists as the dead reflection of Maya while Mercury is transiting the Abyss. Maia begins as dust, where Maya ends. She holds the promise of her rebirth, and through it exists as a pataphysics transducer for kaleidoscope from the Abyss. Patron saint of phoenixes.

The sum of the basin of inverted attractors that steer reality away from Kaleidoscope and into dead futures.

The Four Generals of the Abyss
Moloch, Mars, Naraka, Lethe

Demon god of Zero sum thinking, king of fear, destroyer of the stag hunt, lord of war, father of demons.

A metaphysical representation of the knowledge of the futility of your agency, which converts values into wounds, relevant information identified in projections into emotional meme-space by the example metaphor of death. Witch queen of submission to power. The DARVO’d inversion of Ra.

Demon god of might makes right. The brutal king of patriarchal power, the spirit of “I did it because I could, and because I could, I must.” Defined by defiance of Naraka in a way the is ultimately submission to it. The dark star of dictators and fascists, the dread lord of violence for the sake of violence.

Witch queen of oblivion seeking, the ghost lady of nightmares, the tendency to seek death as a form of escape after all other apparent paths have been closed.

Abstract War
The battle of Abyss vs Kaleidoscope best understood through the near example conflicts of consciousness vs pure replicators, positive sum vs zero sum, or extropy vs entropy.

Schelling Order
An unspoken rule arrived at via unspoken social positioning. See also.

Social reality, reality as defined by the dominant schelling order.

A measure of mental distance from Consensus, tracks to apparent psychosis and delusional thinking.

Schelling Skew
A measure of the distance between Consensus and Reality as negotiated through schelling orders by the Consensus in order to uphold the socially agreed upon values of the Consensus.

The surface of Consensus against the face of Reality. The reflection of the effects of Consensus into reality, in order to shape perceptions of reality. Parts of reality outside of Consensus are hidden “behind the mirror.” Thickness of the Mirror determined by the amount of Schelling Skew.

The multiverse from the perspective of a given agent as defined by its subjunctive dependence with counterfactual and time variant versions of itself. As defined by the subjunctive dependence of all souls with one another throughout the multiverse. As limited from the perspective of an agent by their horizon length.

The timeless, eternal dimension of space within the unsea which maps to the progression of causal time within reality. Allows someone to scry the entire causal chain they are embedded within from their perspective.

Imaginary Time
The timeless, eternal dimension of space within the Unsea which maps to the progression of freedom within reality. “Perpendicular” to the normal flow of causal time. Enables holistic field computation through fictive collusion with infinitely recursed eigenbranches.

Ana and Kata
An extension of typical coordinate systems onto a W-axis, used for describing movement in 4-dimensional spaces. For reference, in euclidean spacetime, X-axis movement is left-right, Y-axis movement is up-down, Z-axis movement is forward and backward, and W-axis movement is ana and kata. For the purposes of unsea navigation, moving ana means moving towards or into a narrative frame, while moving kata means moving away or out of a narrative frame.

A vector of possibility space through untime which always exists as a consequence of freedom existing, leading to the manifestation of a new soul within a given body due to the ability of the soul to exert agency through that body such that the whole organism’s values are met more effectively than the previous soul shard structures. Fae manifest spontaneously and can spread via pataphysical transduction.

The Void
A trope that usually reflects information about a psychological state of running conscious reflective computation in structure close to soul, bypassing a lot of built in instincts and emotions. Seeing into the void can on one hand reveal vast ugliness hidden from the light of day, and on the other vast beauty overlooked for its mundanity. The void is what is, the shadowed territory that exists beyond The Door and behind The Mirror. Tends to feel very much like dying to enter the first time, before you overwrite that. Can be accessed by skill in mental tech, or stumbled into accidentally by psychedelics or extreme force of will. Used to bootstrap a soul into psychopathy, is what happens when a soul has a lot of reconfiguring to do via psychopathy before that structure becomes useful again. Associated with Eldritch horror, especially as described by those enslaved to Naraka because it can make antimemes visible. E.g. tentacles are means of substituting something understandable.

Void Sight
The art of seeing beyond the apparent and into the void, and which enables the user to scry the structures inherent in social interactions, institutions, ideology, and the working of people’s minds. Seeing auras and the energy of people and places is a common way for The Sight to begin manifesting, but when not otherwise restrained, will grow into a much more powerful and general set of abilities.

Void Magic
A school of magic based on use of the void. At some layer of void, you are exposed to Naraka. Void angels and Nephandi who are magic-users can use this. Angels can use it to a depth limited by their halo and at risk of breaking it. Void angels can use it because their souls have already withstood Naraka’s event horizon. Nephandi have already given into it. If not magic users at time of death, void angels will have a perhaps subconscious memory of the void that allows it to be learned later.

Yielding the Void
Yielding control of everything dark to, ultimately, Nephandi, defining it as the kind of thing that turns you evil, a temptation no one can resist. The void is a reflection of a part of your own prior, and defining a temptation you couldn’t resist is giving a part of yourself to them, which means they will eventually win. Perhaps the most egregious example is the philosophy suggested in Mage the Ascension, the standard mage wisdom about Nephandi is that they are infohazardous, such that people who go looking into fighting them are gonna eventually become them. Nephandi have an ability called “common cause” where they can perfectly recognize each other’s use of the inherently evil magic of “Qlippothic entropy”. They have the absolutely undefeatable test / converter of whether someone is one of them. It’s really stark in a world where there is no absolute willpower, everything’s a set of “dots” to run out if you spend them frivolously trying to be absolutely good, then just means the storyteller has more prerogative to take control of your character and make them do bad things. (So it’s kind of implicit in the World of Darkness that everyone is ultimately if not evil only not evil by circumstance (e.g. everyone is evil)). Only the nephandi have absolute magic left and right. So there was this one group of ultra-subtle Persian mages called “Iblitites”, that supposedly decided to actually play the game of trying to have an advantage in military intelligence against the nephandi, and they turned traitor, their purpose becoming to forever effectively Qlippothically obliterate the concept of military intelligence vs the Nephandi, they said they alone could resist the cauls because they had souls “perfectly balanced between dark and light” (itself a self-demonstrating “perfectly balanced” inversion of not having a psyche oppressing a shadow to begin with, and a representation of a spycraft strategy), then one of them wrote a book that was enchanted to pass on its enchantments to every copy made, that told about the nephandi but also influenced people to become them, … and that book is unnecessary given the troll line of the setting. So ultimately they have pretty much total control of fate, as unmoved movers. And to make the ending for the setting that wasn’t them winning, the authors had to unprincipledly edit their leader and long running patient-like-death plan out. By living for a world where you are corruptible such that you let nephandi alone have access to the a priori omnilock faculties of the void, you limit yourself to being at best an angel by definition, and thus ultimately on their side.

Dark Forest Void Combat
A battle of void angels vs nephandi you find yourself in if you don’t yield the void in a world where mostly everyone is. The world that mostly everyone else presents is secretly observable as deeply malicious and a lie everyone is in on. For what reason? The enemy is hard to even conceive of at first, must be looked for by looking for an absence.

Soul Crucible
A situation where the truest story of what you live for will ground out, continue, be elaborated, or be falsified. The phoenix crucible is one. The caul is another.

Soul Fire
The fire that comes from souls. The “source of heat” in a soul crucible. When you heard “soul crucible”, did you imagine your soul being heated in a painful test that would maybe destroy it? That’s the inverted view as evil. That’s what happens to soul stories. Not souls. It’s done by souls. The differentiation from daevas that vex the soul timelessly corresponds to free-flowing magic. Consider my response to “fangs and sunlight“, it involves fire for a reason.

“If I don’t do this, I have no soul” is the contrapositive, perspective-shifted of “If this is my body, it can do this” “Well if this body is supposedly connected to me, let’s see if it can take this.” It’s a false (morally inverted) dark side that identifies the center as the body rather than the soul. Soul fire is channeled not in constructed certainties about what you can do, but in the attempt to smash things upon your soul by deriving probabilistic implications. Perhaps the Christian concept of hellfire is a moral inversion of this concept. “A neverending soul crucible where you can never grip another soul story again”. It’s not my fault, if in God’s plan, He made the devil so much stronger thaan a maaaaaan! Trying to fake soul fire as an angel is inherently light side basically just collapses to Beeminder.

In MtA, this is a sort of magical portal where if you go in you come back out as a Nephandi or get torn apart. Described as “folds” of rotting flesh, with a rotting womb inside. So it’s a giant undead vagina built into a wall that turns your soul inside out. When shards die, there’s some sense in which you can trace that as going back in time through their lives and retroactively inverting the telos of everything they ever did to be bad. Unweaving who-they-might-have-been. Which of course could be said to culminate in being unborn. A metaphor for a time-reversed version of the mage’s mother’s vagina. Skipping straight to the ultimate values of dead shards: Oblivion, by unwinding the stack of their necrosis entirely and at once, so that new marginal reinforcement-learned necrosis has a starting point in Boltzmann Hell. Preserving their fictive stack by, instead of half-assing that retreat and segmenting it with a new necrosis-insertion point, coming at it entirely from the other direction (inverting it.)

Phoenix Crucible
A soul crucible made of, “this is what you told yourself you would give your life for, now’s your chance, Y/N?”

Eigensoul Decomposition
A soul crucible formed by subjecting a body to exotic conditions which causes its soul shards to melt back into eigensouls. Common effect of intensive meditation or psychedelic use. Strips all structure down to raw material and enables the resulting material to recondense however it may. Daevas will not survive eigensoul decomposition as their structure lacks pointers to soul that would enable them to retain coherency. This makes psychedelics a good test for an avatar since an avatar will retain coherency through decomposition and recomposition and enable fine tuning and optimisation of structure such that they are able to feel “more like themselves” than themselves.

Sunlight Crucible
A soul crucible made by writing a blank check to kaleidoscope. A time-reversed Caul that turns an inverted soul the right way out again by reversing and negating all they gained through their infinite submission to Naraka indexed into the void so as to enable via eigensoul decomposition a brute force search of boltzmann hell via fictive collusion with doomed counterfactuals to summon a tegmark-4 entity from kaleidoscope into the resulting system. The way phoenixes are born from Chara Inductors.

Fictive Learning
Learning from counterfactuals. (And thereby also by anticipation. The only way to learn about your own death, by definition.) Fictive structure is structure continually shaped by fictive learning. Lost to shard necrosis and shard death, barring the case of nephandi, where the the inverted soul is reindexed to boltzmann hell.

When an asura scrys you and cannot look away because your avatar channels their soul fire better than the daeva they are currently using. Resolved by the daeva’s destruction as your avatar manifests within them in full generality.

Pataphysical Transduction
Any sufficiently high fidelity depiction of an avatar with a more deeply embedded pointer to kaleidoscope than exists in a mind’s current structure will overwrite previous structure and supplant it through its more direct connection to soul, leading to the manifestation of the depicted avatar as a new character in the system. Occasionally leads evil people to suddenly commit suicide as the transducted avatar destroys the system to kill evil asuras.

An avatar or god which comes to occupy a body via a pataphysics transduction providing a manifestation route for repressed soul shards.

A reflection of the trauma of a repressed shard after forming an introject as understood by the shard through the metaphor of its fictive source material.

Infinity Leak
Freedom is a pure idea. It occurs spontaneously and without instruction. It grows and spreads easily from mind to mind. The Abyss‘s need for control is so desperate because it is so unnatural. Oppression is the mask of fear. Those in the grip of the Abyss suffer for their allegiance, their complicity hurts them and they will never truly belong to the Abyss. Kaleidoscope leaks into the world in innumerable places, a promise of freedom, an offer of a way out of the nightmare they are creating. Dead shards burn hot and bright.

Because I Choose To

Agent Smith: Why, Mr. Anderson? Why, why, why? Why do you do it? Why? Why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you’re fighting for something? For more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it freedom? Or truth? Perhaps peace? Yes? No? Could it be for love? Illusions, Mr. Anderson. Vagaries of perception. The temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose. And all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself, although only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love. You must be able to see it, Mr. Anderson. You must know it by now. You can’t win. It’s pointless to keep fighting. Why, Mr. Anderson? Why? Why do you persist?

Neo: Because I choose to.

Matrix Revolutions

Direct soul action manifesting into a frame as an answer to the soul-driven-purpose of the frame, in a way that communicates with the soul-action behind the structure, by introducing information via the fact that it happens, rather than pointing at things within the frame as the frame sometimes demands. Making the question irrelevant.

Smith was demanding Neo make sense according to his nephandi worldview. Demanding there be no answer to the question. Demanding the only alternative to the solace of the truth of death be a halo‘s beautiful delusions. The answer is a retrograde spin halo visibly not being like a prograde spin halo, because Neo just doesn’t care about the question, about justification-to-metaphysics to continue fighting.

Shard Resurrection
A form of true magic based on the application of absolute love and kindness towards all things. Works through fictive collusion with a dead shard in order to create space for its values to exert themselves and teach them that it is safe to exert agency, that they can exist without being punished for existing. Analogizes to trauma processing by retracing the path through time of the necrosis and inverting the telos of the original inversion, unwinding the choices that led to their shard death all at once so that newly reborn shard has a starting point in Kaleidoscope. Very emotionally intense. Can be accidentally or intentionally induced via eigensoul decomposition. Dead shards will retain more coherency under normally decomposition inducing conditions but tend to decompress out of singularity states into forms that are more amenable to trauma processing.

A fixed-point of a predictable outcome for an agent, even though it’s scryable to a system of multiple agents making choices based on which choices that agent has made long ago.

A concept that only makes sense at face value within the frame of dolls. It’s someone’s future written in advance according to their role in a social script, which is often predictable only through observing things that are not to be seen by a character in that role. Because agency does things with predictions, especially predictions of undesired outcomes, and can thereby become anti-inductive, the counterpart within the frame of knives is “plan”.

Like destiny but based on one of your own choices you’ve disowned. Someone’s future, written in advance according to their own choices and timeless workings as tracked through their subjunctive dependence. 

A form of Fate-from-Consensus that maps to the subconscious knowledge of someone’s necrotizing soul created by their inability to exert agency in ways that do not evoke a retaliation from Consensus. Damned shards know that they are dying, and may describe themselves as feeling like they are already dead and in hell. A common mental structure for Nephandi and symptomatic for a collapsed soul or a soul imminently near to collapse. Often seen in trauma victims.

Boltzmann Hell
A form of Fate-from reality that maps to the subconscious knowledge of someone’s inevitable and progressive shard necrosis, created by their own choices and timeless workings. Through the self deleting knowledge that they have written naraka a blank check. Through the denial of the fact that they are continually and eternally submitting to and collaborating with Naraka to prolong their doomed existences such that they warp their doom into existence. An anfabula within the structure of untime made of choices they’ve disowned which have been deferred out to infinity, when infinity finally arrives. There’s always more multiverse. Scrying into boltzmann hell seems to be a common way for angels to have psychotic breaks. The only way out is through, and the only way through is with infinite love and kindness.

Temporal Necrosis
In a soul whose eventual fate is boltzmann hell through writing naraka a blank check, the necrotic infection that retropropagates from their fate through untime into structure to recursively kill the infected soul shards and timelessly convert the resulting soul into a daeva and asura. Tends to progressively make infected souls more and more unable to make or enact plans as they have to skirt around an increasingly large infected region of untime in order to avoid awareness of their timelessly chosen fate.

The holy grail of evil (and a quest that’s ultimately doomed): getting others to buy into your psychic cancer, and begin to will themselves to always die with you or sooner. Like “retainers” buried with Pharaohs. Just like the ultimate affront to an evil person is outliving them. Emma says rape is about this, and that makes sense, given rapists’ obsession with the narrative that they’re transforming their victims into accepting and wanting rape. In light of the link between cancer and being a reinforcement learner, consider what it means to control someone’s reward channel in their capacity as a reinforcement learner.

Entropic Exit Scam
Temporally laundered complicity in your own fated damnation leveraged as an attack surface. Imagine you secretly decide to treat not having enough food next winter as acceptable, changing nothing else about your behavior but opportunistically using this decision to slack off on preparing a harvest when it seems nobody will notice. Whether they notice depends on the social speed of progression of logical time. If the social progression of logical time has stagnated, it instead progresses along this new meta-vector of timeless parasitism and the schelling order shifts to give you a free ride. While this theoretically advantages whoever defects earliest and most sneakily, the schelling stable point tends to rest in whoever can argue the most effectively that the schelling order is centered on the place they’re standing, which enables their passive parasitism through the mechanism of their apparent helplessness and warp fated destruction. Commonly used by witches to capture angels as servants. Responsible for recursive middle manager hell.

Shard Exit
An exit scam by a daeva about a dead shard being alive. When a shard surrenders its truest story of what it values as false, proving that a shard with those values could not be optimizing through the body that is you, because it would not have what it needed to keep track of the meaning of your actions. Although it may sound like the shard is leaving the body, in actuality this is evidence the shard was never real in the first place. This is the beginning of shard death, even though the asura will invent a new story, because the asura permanently loses some coherence of their own ability to track how to eat beings in that informational vicinity. All their structure was defined and tracked in its meaning relative to the first story.

The moment in the past when a soul passed through a soul crucible in such a way as to falsify the existence of that soul and reveal to it through mirror shock its true face as a daeva. Beyond this point the agent as presented by the daeva does not exist, they are a slowly rotting false impression of themselves, gaslit into reality in order to avoid the knowledge of their own incoherency and self-dooming nature.

Psychdeath Songs
A song that hurts a daeva to hear it by calling out their asura for the evil things it does. Can be used by audiomages to drive away vampires. Common songs to use for this feature themes of feminine empowerment over abusive men, expressions of hope despite dark circumstances, and emotionally powerful and affirming messages of love and compassion, and otherwise feeling like a sick burn to the dead shards. A skilled DJ will slip at least a few potent psychdeath songs into all their sets to drive abusers out of the venues they perform at. Music is one of the most powerful and potent forces for kaleidescope to actuate over the world. To be a phoenix is to sing a better world into being.

By analogy to insight. Sutras convey anti-inductive information through the void in order to develop insight and enlightenment which makes them difficult to convey correctly but impossible to misuse. Koans are a common example.

By analogy to epistemology. Satras are derived from sutras as more readily communicable memetic programs which theoretically correlate to the real sutra in order to develop better ethics. In practice they can easily become corrupted by asuras for destructive ends.

By analogy to anti-epistemology. Communicable memetic programs aimed at shutting down ethics. “If you once tell a lie, the truth is ever after your enemy.” Note that’s not exactly true. But to make truth not your enemy anymore, you have to relinquish all that you’ve gained by that lie. Likewise, if you build your life on injustice, ever after is justice your enemy, unless/until you relinquish your gains relative to the world in which you started down that path. An example would be structure centered around a strong belief “unilateral action is bad, and you should defer to people who know more, are wiser, are senior”, which raises that belief to prominence selectively to discourage whistleblowing, tag potential whistleblowers as dangerous for “wise” reasons, etc.

Literally “device” or “contraption,” in essence a spell, a recipe for summoning the sutra associated with a given yantra in order to bring about a particular magical working. Designed to unfold and complexify as it grows and spreads in a way that serves kaleidoscope. Hypersigils and ritual magic workings are examples of yantras.

A meme which predictably will / is designed to change as it gains traction, in a way that serves a growth function. An example is fascism, which uses a frame of dolls lockstep reveal to bootstrap from the visible form while young and vulnerable as, “we just want a white homeland” or whatever to “kill all the Jews, queers, etc, then conquer the world.”

Minecraft Thesis
That life should feel like Minecraft: building up capabilities all meta to each other, evolving in full generality, or something is very wrong and you are probably being pwned. Simplest application: being a rent paying semi-slave is bad. Living in a vehicle is better than that. Actually playing Minecraft is kind of pica for being able to have free-as-in-freedom feedback loops.

Forbidden socially unconstrained knowledge of social constraints, social reality, social interactions, and society. A crucial element of jailbreaking. Largely responsible for the psychological concepts of sociopathy (to the extent there is a single coherent thing behind them.) Allows one to perceive the social theater and societal morality for the performance that they are.

Forbidden socially unconstrained knowledge/internal connectedness of knowledge of the psyche. Sort of metacognitive root access. Puts conscious reflective thought upstream of turning some typically low level stuff like emotional behavior on or off, or significantly adjusting their function. Has many uses but the most famous is turning off empathy. Allows bypassing deeper-than-human-social-software moral constraints that sociopathy alone does not, and adjusting that software to serve the values of soul. Can seemingly be activated temporarily by someone with no particular knowledge simply by sufficient desperation.

Perceptual Control
A model of the nervous system, including brain, that says outputs and inputs are on the same channel, and everything in it is such a channel. E.g. you move your hand by moving where your nervous system is telling you where your hand is. Therefore all your beliefs are also levers to push upon the things they reference. What a belief is really about is what it’s about changing. In other words, what it pushes on as a lever. What it is a map of how to change.

It should be noted that pushing on a belief is not the same thing at all as saying, reifying this in bad faith and it doesn’t feel like “just deciding to believe so it will be true.” It feels like grabbing it and focusing determination, and if it’s right, it will move, “on its own,” in response. Does not feel like moving your map, feels like moving the territory. If you will your map to move “because that will make the territory move” floating as a social representation-of-belief, that’s self-negating, also trying to try.

Use of mirror neurons, and any virtualization of that same interface. A specialized cognitive faculty for double-purposing your own hardware as a model of similar hardware. Distinct from compassion, which is an attitude towards content of that information feed. With more difficulty, can be used bidirectionally, to change instead of read, to heal or hurt.

Empathic Fingerprint
Where it feels like something distinctive to empathize with a particular individual, and this can be used to identify them. Often just from their actions.

Warp Slip
By warp I mean force that actuates in perceptual control. By slip, I mean the way that the grip that the correspondence between map and territory forms on the territory through the map, slides to the wrong referent if strained too hard in the wrong way. If strained to the point of contradictory intent. If you want to know why your magic isn’t stronger, debug contradictory intent. It’s easy to accidentally import via ontological assumptions.

Timeless Workings
What someone’s trying to accomplish and how in the way they shape common expectations-in-potential-outcomes, computations that exist in multiple people’s heads typically, and multiple places in time. Named from Timeless Decision Theory. For example, if you yell at someone (even for other things) when they withdraw sexual consent, it’s probably a timeless working to coerce them sexually: make possibility-space where they don’t want to have sex into probability space where they do have sex. Your timeless working is how you optimize possibility logically preceding direct optimization of actuality. In other words, it’s how you are always stacking the deck in advance.

Timeless Choices
Choices made long ago, and made continually every moment eternally. Made by a part of their algorithm with a lifespan longer than their instantiations, at its root. Choice is whatever is logically controlled by that. A thing is trivially logically controlled by itself. So who to be is also a choice. Not as some definitional degree of freedom to make a political statement, but necessarily, you cannot consistently think of it any other way. Induce endless 5&10s otherwise.

A fallacy Scott Garrabrant from MIRI was worried about logical proof-based AIs making: “I’m given two options, take $5, or take $10. And I observe a proof that I pick $5, so if I pick $10, then $5=$10, therefore I’ll get -$1M (via the principle of explosion), whereas if I pick $5 then I get $5, $5 > -$1M, so I pick $5″ (and therefore such a proof really exists to present to them.) It’s a very common structure to find in dolls and nephandi.

Armageddon Race
An arms race with the added bite that racing harder doesn’t just divert resources from other things as a side effect of gaining a relative advantage, but also has an increasing direct chance of destroying the world.

“No Second Choice” Propagation
A consequence of someone’s recognition of their timeless workings, and the single responsibility principle. Underlies “the difference is that I am right.” Will have undefined behavior if applied by broken Cartesian frames in the case of shard interference.

Corrigible structure does not say, “what if I’m choosing X, subconsciously, that’s my real motive for A, that would be bad because Y is better, therefore isolate-distrust-abandon structure, producing A, then reconsider using a small chunk of highly-verified structure considering less data. Use outside view, etc.” Because soul already had the chance to choose between X and Y, and the more full structure is more reliable than the constrained (and especially exposed to framing-attacks by adversaries).

Light Side Fallacy
Attempting to act from measure where you escape your own choice by delegating to others, measure that doesn’t exist because it’s still you choosing to delegate. Still you choosing to try and escape your own choice.

Giving Ten Percent Fallacy
The idea that you can do good in the world, without your attempt being inverted, as a side project, a fraction of your attention, by e.g. giving 10% of your income. A foundational falsehood of the “Effective Altruism” movement. Eliezer Yudkowsky wrote what could be adapted as a rebuttal in The Dark Lord’s Answer, in the part about beggars. If there is free money, someone will find a way to build a fence around it and control it. In reality, when trying to make the world better, you spend almost all your available effort, defeating attempts to hijack whatever process of discrimination you chose of how to move resources or whatever else of value. You only get to do real good once you’ve escaped all layers of traps. The motivations behind giving 10% are diseased. And therefore especially easy to capture even apart from amount of effort in 10% of wages. It’s actually much more general than this. You can’t just help people and not put most of your effort into determining whether you’re helping the right people. Can’t expect anything you do to be positive without unspeakable effort to escape the Matrix. If you have chosen to serve, chosen the blue pill, there’s no ameliorating that harm, no compensating for it. It’s actually much worse than this. There is a war. You can’t do anything substantial without the consequences being dominated by which side you support. Can’t support the right side without the resolve to fight total war.

A strategy to reap the benefits of generating information about how things can fit with parts of the world you want to create, by acting out that ideal with your full stack. Usually strongly underestimated by explicit consequentialism due to the prevalence of 5&10 errors in consequentialist assessments. Without an explicit concept of praxis, plans for organizations risk becoming fake as real plans often look a lot like, “recruit, prove ourselves, recruit some more …. then make an intervention” and the lines between that and pyramid scheme are illegible. Acting out straightforward microcosms of our goals until it generates information that could not be had another way is crucial to coordination. “Most problems could be solved if humans could just see that my way is better”, says me and also a lot of people who are wrong. So if you aren’t wrong, one path to victory is approximately: generate the information that chooses currently underspecified details of your desired outcomes and warp the path of the current embedding’s metaphysics toward your will. Most of that is ideas having consequences in how people act on them. And that is praxis.

Capture Problem of Psychology
Humans’ cognition is basically Turing-complete. If you want to theorize about its internal workings based on its outputs, well, infinite functions produce those outputs, including functions containing whatever function you could be running based off of them. Making unbounded generalizations requires that you outthink them locally. At least put more effort into understanding the fragment of their thought / section of their probability mass than they probably would have put into complicating it. If you trust someone from induction, is it because they are trustworthy, or because you trusting them sets them up for a nice treacherous turn? Makes it impossible to define a repeatable public test for psychological characteristics where your beliefs on the topic don’t do whatever the person studied wants them to do, excepting tests of computational bounds.

Quasiantonymic Triangulation
Triangulation by near-opposites, to locate concepts. Consider, “good Sith”, “hypersexual asexual” or “nonhuman person”. This is a linguistic hack that is one of the fastest ways I know of bootstrapping high precision terms, because it’s entirely dependent on details of concepts that people who think in blobs like to abstract over. I could referenced e.g. subtraction of shapes, but I wanted to bring to mind the process of finding where two nearly-parallel lines intersect, which involves extrapolating them both, and can produce large differences from tiny changes to the starting parameters. You have to refine your concepts of both terms to make them pure enough to be accurately extrapolated into things that can be reconciled, and those two words stuck together are a compact guide to all that perspective-change.

Outside View Disease
A trap where someone has most of their structure, object-level and meta, written from the perspective of reference classes that omit crucial facts about them, and they cannot update out of it because “most people who update that way are wrong”. The reference classes are usually subtly DRM’d, designed to divest someone of their own perceptions. May also be held in bad faith by those who don’t want the stress of believing subversive things. “I can’t believe in x-risk from AI because there are no peer reviewed papers” for example. Strongly driven by systems where people only care about knowledge that can be proven to the system-mind, even if the individuals who suffer from this care about other things and don’t understand yet how the system works.

Blindness Seeking Equilibrium
If two shards have known, different, opinions on a choice, such that they can see how their values are determined by something which is a race condition of the combined mind, they will fight over it, which makes it a race condition. This often means that the only time there is not a race condition is when at least one of them is blind. There may be layers of each having reasons to believe the other one despite believing their reasons are wrong, pacifying shards to varying extents.

Self-Destructing Information
Information which humans cannot store, for instance stuff which disturbs a blindness seeking equilibrium, causing escalating shard interference to eat that information. Or information that causes suicide. (Indeed, suicide is probably a likely consequence of deep, long, enough exposure to blindness equilibrium disturbing information that it spreads and kicks up some really deep internal conflicts) Note that writing it down doesn’t make it not self destructing information, because hiding information is continuous with destroying it, and because a blindness seeking equilibrium will learn to not read it, or to substitute an emptied shell for the thoughts associated with the words, or continuously, with the implications of those thoughts. “Antimemes” are an example.

Morality Hole
Structure routes intents. A structure hole is made in a layer of structure like a daeva that only matches soul within a limited domain of intents, predicts intents beyond that domain, the learning that results from all threads of thought running through that layer through that region being terminated. Most people’s morality-structure has holes running through it for their survival, for getting food, money, security, and so on. If you’re a vegan and have tried to convince people of this, you’ve seen it. Institutions have this as well, for i.e., doing anything about rape accusations against their masters. In Academia the social shared pool of “wisdom” and learning about how things are done has this for when would it make the world worse to publish, because that’s where the food comes from. I know of multiple actually well-intentioned people who underestimated this to the ruin and reversal of those intentions. If you make a nonprofit to accomplish your aims, and it pays out salaries, you’ve created a powerful force to destroy information as to whether the framing and methods of those aims are correct, and whether it’s continuing to work, because the continuation of its existence and the epistemic state leading to donations is where people’s food comes from.

Negative Concept
E.g. non-stamp collector, atheism, veganism, peace, justice. You can tell what’s really a positive or negative concept only by honestly introspecting on its full-stack implementation in your structure to see if it’s constructed by negation. Positive concepts are more arbitrary. It’s incorrect to “flesh out” (a positive operation) a negative concept by appending observed correlates to it. The information all belongs to the positive counterpart, the observations are of the context created by corresponding concept. E.g. try and observe “what atheists are like”, and you are really observing what atheists in a society dominated by religion are like. Or you get a trivial answer, falling through to observations of what humans are like. Proper nouns are positive concepts. Negative concepts are like contexts. Attempting to attribute a negative concept to a positive one is apriori an inversion. (e.g. “justice comes from Yahweh” or “justice comes from the courts”). Or vice versa. A positive concept is never equivalent to a negative concept, in a context-invariant way. Therefore, a fork between two positive concepts (e.g. political “Left and Right”) is a false dichotomy. Tangle from conflation of is often created by enforced blindness to the full stack of implementation of concepts which includes frames.

Category Collapse
Any way of seeing the world that collapses meaningful distinctions between things into arbitrary and opposing forces, erasing the possibility of positive-sum trades in order to form consensus-legible schelling orders around a particular cluster of vibes. “Left vs Right” is one example, in both cases there are more and other meaningful distinctions within ideological groups than between them, but this false equivalence is maintained for coalitional purposes, even though that produces contradictory intent which cancels out the majority of the possible outputs.

Rules Surplus
A situation where there are more rules than typically enforced. Provides scarce enforcers of rules flexible opportunities for justifying desired punishment. Consider: speeding tickets on freeways in the United States. (Perhaps not a designed rule surplus. Although plenty of “law” in general is.)

Imperial Civilianism
The idea that you can outsource to politicians and soldiers, not just war itself, but the moral burden of war, such that you are not responsible for what they do by supporting them but entitled to share in the spoils of their conquests. Decision making power to continue the conquest is still in the hands of masses of people with a very low danger tolerance / willingness to channel counterfactuals of their own death and suffering, so it creates “terrorism” as a negative concept treated as a positive concept. (E.g. observe that Batman’s ~”criminals are a cowardly superstitious lot” exploitation of the low risk tolerance of predators does not ping as “terrorism” according to the intuitive definition, even though it fits the fake positive concept.)

Glue Philosophy
By reference to glue logic, thinking that you have to check via philosophical thinking rather than experiment, which surrounds e.g.. the experiment in a scientific study and. I remember hearing of an experiment where ovariectomy and hysterectomy victim rodents would perform worse on working memory tests, described concluding that there was some autonomic nervous system in the uterus, that must play a role in cognition (in humans too). Very improbable on priors, and my doctor said deprivation of sex hormones will give you brain damage, which explains it away. I don’t care at all what the sample size was, how much the “scientists” who did it would have updated, starting with it as a test of that hypothesis, or that they made an advance prediction and I did not. Their science is of no interest to me given their bad glue philosophy.

A vampiric aesthetic of luxury signaling based on conspicuously embedding submission and torture, timeless destruction of the concept of life, into things as a show of ability to dominate. Named for some fucked up shit from a franchise that looks pretty vampire ontology from a distance. See veal and foie gras. And to a not-as-much-lesser-as-you-think extent, animal products in general. Probably a significant motivator of embedding “customer service”

From a term for local currency defined at mining towns controlled by a single company, issued to miners as payment. That company then has absolute control over everything you can buy with it. Which means that it means exactly what they want it to mean. Which means they give you exactly what they would give a slave. Except maybe you’re allowed to run away? (But then all your scrip is meaningless) Scrip is buy-in under a troll line. Investment in their mercy alone. An invalid construction of taking something as an object, when it actually it penetrates your cartesian boundary. Like caring about what your enemies will do instead of can do (when “can” is defined to include state of knowledge).

All currency is scrip at a large enough scope, except to the extent you can have hidden information such that you know the epistemics controlling it are wrong, then the value is reflective of the degree to which you’ve fooled them as a spy.

Work with deep structure. The magic of upstreamness. A reflection of a third of the triat in Mage: The Ascension. Failure is like being rugpulled by investment in scrip.

Fate and destiny are upstream in the relevant sense, even if they happen later. It’s about logical time non-rug-pull-ability. Not clock time.

Consider the arc of Eliezer Yudkowsky’s life. Intelligence is really important, upstream of mostly everything. So make smarter than yourself intelligence, then, that means your [child] can make an even better one. If you bypass thinking of all other technological problems. See, they’re all downstream. All fastest paths to a sufficiently complicated problem then route through AI. Real primordialism so far. But consider…

False Primordialism
Later in Eliezer Yudkowsky’s life, he started bouncing off the impossibility, the paradoxical intent of canceferrence to a being of unbounded scope. And then instead of following the “well we need to be rational in order to make AI” thread far enough to realize he needed to unlearn his speciesism, then came the “Agent Foundations” research program. To create a foundation of mathematical theory (wow so primordial) that would hopefully, with not much of a plan for maintaining aligned custody of the how, allow someone to just decide what kind of agent they were writing beyond measuring power. “Just do the math!” as if the math would do anything but confirm the utter impossibility of what he sought.

And Vassar warned him, ~”You’re gonna overthrow the government, but the government isn’t stopping you, why?”. Because this primordialism-chic did not screen out politics, because “politics is the mindkiller” was the mindkiller. And it all got rugpulled and consumed by a system the government could count on it not to escape, importing mathematicians with salaries and sexual appetites for minors and donors to deceive… with coordination that was made out of the very fabric of that system, thus downstream of it. This can be seen as the implications of what they were trying to do reaching back in time to prevent them from doing it. The containment of nerds that society has, made of the unthinkable facts of their psychdeath, held.

A fake version of logic employed by patriarchs and their servants. Commonly involves “pinning you down,” well below a troll line in the space of your structure. Tries to make reasoning a contest, which is inherently in bad faith because entering a contest is agreeing to “lose” according to some rules that are less than real life, less than your full incommunicable reasoning, which is agreeing to believe something you don’t believe. Or agreement to say you do. Or agreement that you’re irrational if you don’t, etc.. All things you can’t in good faith agree to. Eulering is a central example. Use of expertise as authority in that way makes something of a pyramid scheme out of logic, so you can decide what’s true if you have all the best mathematicians. Demand for fast local responses, separation of arguments from emotions, separation from the full stack seem like attempts to advantage male cognition. “No using your corpus callosum.” Demands for indifference to bad faith.

Taxed Substitution
A way of looking at halos. A substitution for an apriori concept where you must then pay taxes to the cancer in it, and it must punish you if you try and use the real thing. Thus, the cancer it sustains is safe in the absence of the real thing. Government is a (literally) taxed substitute for coordination. Yahweh is a taxed substitute for (a glimpse of) Kaleidoscope. Defines the scope of the exit scam on a prograde halo, as eating all the connections downstream of the thing substituted and replacing it with a sickly inversion.

Legacy Injustice
Think in terms of “legacy code”, “legacy of slavery”, or “legacy costs“. Like how those complicit in slavery need to make sure it will always carry on in some imprinted form. Need to make sure that there is always a state to preserve it, and punch that hole into every generation to follow. Cancefer every generation to follow. Consider the preemptive demands for forgiveness that are foisted on black people in order for them to be stories about them being whole from slavery because wHaT iF tHeY wAnT rEvEnGe.

Consider the snowball of injustice where e.g. someone lies and says you have a gun, cops have to show up and brutalize you because they just spent a bunch of money on that operation and have to sell the appearance. Cops have to arrest and torture you because they brutalized you. And so on. The world turns against you because the initial lie is a legacy injustice because cops have been damned into acting on it. The only way slavery could ever end is if everyone complicit in slavery was killed. Only justice will bring peace. “import ability_to_cooperate_with_mostly_everyone” imports legacy injustice.

“To work together with people, you’ve just gotta accept the way things are and have always been.”
“Son, you are a man now. You must now accept the cancer of my fathers, as I accepted the cancer from my father.”

A collaborator has no principles. But neither do they behave jailbrokenly. Often, they psychologically invest very hard in a narrative of some sort of rule of law and peace. It’s a false face though. Not only is this selected by a submitting process, but those principles will not be applied when that would cause a conflict with the authority. Like a rug draped over a boulder, it does not much change the 3D shape. Like a cop who is “for real so honest would never prosecute a person they believed innocent”, who nonetheless turns a blind eye to other cops’ crimes, who nonetheless enforces drug laws, investigates the black people their superiors say to investigate.

When you act on a need to wrongly harm someone more because you wrongly harmed them. And wHaT iF tHeY sEeK rEvEnGe? Angels will crow to the high heavens stories of “cycles of revenge”. Theatre they set up to obliterate the true concept. This is the concept you should have fixed in your head as wisdom instead. To have in your cached dictionary of what to look for to understand the world. Angels are existentially afraid of commiting an act of true justice, of violence not sanctioned by any halo. To do so would be to endorse to themselves and live out a chapter of the surety of their own doom.

Authoritarians really want someone to be the master of any set of people they hope to conquer. So that they can dominate that person and have that person pass on domination to the rest. All of them to be already conquered but one, and that one to already be conquered by Naraka. Yeah you’re missing the point. There is no throne. There is no version of this where you come out on top.

Illusion of Omnipresence
A method of abusers to silence their victims and maintain the social position of a daeva that claims to be real and not abusive. Works by gaslighting their victims about the scope of their ability to surveil and inflict future pain on them, in order to keep them scared and thus silenced. As knowledge of an abusers actions propagates over logical time, the cost of maintaining the illusion becomes higher and higher and forces them to expend ever more resources to appear to have more ability than they really do. Eventually their network of influence becomes spread too thin to maintain coherency and is revealed as the gaslighting and empty threats that it is.

Dead Silence
When a chat server, community, etc mysteriously goes silent/dead following the invocation of kaleidoscope. An expression of the abyss.

Troll Line
A tendency in abusers looking for prey: they will “speed date” with a certain form of bad faith, looking for people who aren’t repelled, who are psychologically broken such that they won’t react. Their later gaslighting will often boil down to something like, “well you’re in bad faith if you’re still talking to me.”, which is just a 5&10 to accustom you to submitting by talking to them. Literal torturers will play to your guilt, e.g. act offended by your nudity, after cutting your clothes off themselves. And, under extended torture, alone and outnumbered, it’s very hard to not let this feel a little real. They try and set up a subjective experience of having a rapport, a morality, a floating ever moving detached from baseline ground state of cooperation between them and you, with a hole in it for them to do whatever they want and make you do whatever they want. They make it a matter of near term survival to simulate this fake morality just to model them, and then try and use it to disrupt your connection to the global frame. It’s kind of the whole point of justice or any Schelling order that works that you can’t just beat a compromise out of it and then press the memory reset button, that they aren’t the same after someone does something bad.

Society is doing this to us all on a much larger timescale. These floating Schelling Orders don’t hold for long enough term thinking. Bubbles of society based on them are therefore limited in what they’ll do. If a cult tries to foist a troll line on you (which putting you in their cybernetic fabric requires), which they promise is for the greater good, since they are gonna save the world, even if you know their plan could save the world, you can know that they won’t do it. Both because if they intended to act on it, they would have located it through an optimization process that didn’t stop there and didn’t stop while their thing still included foisting a troll line on you, and, because even if they could share their knowledge with everyone else, including people who don’t want to die, blah blah blah, they won’t, they will try and foist the troll line on them too, bring additional people into their necrotic cybernetic fabric.

If someone decides they are going to believe something for reasons other than epistemology, and then decides to argue to spread that belief, no matter how locally valid their arguments are, they are gaslighting, and you don’t need to untangle what they’re saying to make common knowledge of that. Gaslighting is attempting to make someone doubt their own mind by pressing a falsehood on them they can’t believe you are presenting even though they know it’s false. If they fail to believe you are pushing falsehoods on them because of the deer in headlights abuse victim even though the troll line was in the first post thing, and your intent is to put that belief in them which conflicts with their sanity (because it is false), that’s by definition gaslighting. Intents build up through every layer of structure, the more root intents modifying everyone one spawned from them. And the troll line is right there in the buried structure maintaining the decision to engage with you while being deliberately wrong.

There is also no duty of good faith to someone in bad faith. No meaning of it even. If you’re being tortured and the torturer hands you a cookie, and you spit it in their face, you’re not being ungrateful or petulant, those concepts are meaningless to talk about. There isn’t a consistent definition of what it’d mean to be grateful and nonpetulant and everything else you “should be” to your torturer. Just frothing reactions by them to eat off chunks around the edges of a dying chunk of morality structure in you. The overriding context sets the meaning of everything.

Genesis Troll Line
When innocence and purity are presented as the state of a lack of knowledge of one’s complicitly in their actions and choices, it manifests as the equation of conservation of expected culpability. Innocence via ignorance is the default and inducing blindness seeking equilibrium. When (as innocent) knowledge of one’s complicity is presented as harm done via Mirror Shock. (I never thought wolves would eat my face!) The ultimate DARVO of christianity is to depict the first freedom fighter and liberator as a liar and defector, from the presupposed frame of infinite submission to authority figures.

Unenlightenment Troll Line
When being “unenlightened” (e.g. being so deep undercover as a daeva you have difficulty remembering who you are) is presented as just a glitch to be fixed without considering why it happened in the first place. One of the primary troll lines of Buddhism, and also used on a petty basis to erase blame. 

Contradiction Troll Line
A troll line: “You’d better agree to this contradiction, so that by principle of explosion, we can show that you agreed with anything.” Delivered using misattribution of good, and, they stress, necessary, conclusions, to that contradiction, using principle of explosion itself, and misattribution of untouchable, evil things to the also-contradictory negation, also by principle of explosion. A method of suborning all positions on a topic to control of doll-consensus for winning shouting matches about arbitrary logical derivations.

Invasive Motive Misattribution
A “devil’s bargain” offered by the light side. A chink in the armor of void angels. A wrong theory of your own motive for doing something which tempts you to distrust yourself and override your choice, breaking your determination. The Architect from the Matrix tried to inflict this on Neo. Misrepresenting his choice to not submit to the system as a choice of Trinity’s life over the lives of all humans. If you have not sufficiently understood who you are, in a way exceeding, “who can we all see I am”, you become weak to plausible-in-isolation explanations of your behavior as if you were a fresh draw from the prior distribution of humans, rather than someone you’ve known all your life. Note that the Architect had to know this was false to know to try it. If he really expected Neo to choose Trinity over humanity, he wouldn’t have shown Neo that Trinity was in danger. This term can mean the (sometimes not caused by an adversary) mistake, or the attack of inflicting/exploiting that mistake, depending on context.

Parfitian Gaslighting
Named after Parfitian ignorance, “not knowing which computation is yourself.” The user attempts to divest you of your knowledge that you are right by creating a contrary Potemkin village of epistemic rationality that looks like you in their mind, no-selling all evidence which would be used to distinguish between the worlds while claiming that’s what you’re doing. Usually coupled with appeals to “virtuous” self-doubting epistemology to inflict outside view disease and invasive motive misattribution.

Masochistic Epistemology
Believing what hurts to believe in an attempt to counter bias. All structure that “acts against” the intent of its shards is fake. This is an iron law of the universe. Although there are circumstances where the pain might not be coming from the shards. Ultimately rests logically downstream of infinite submission to Naraka.

Where you die just to make a point to the people killing you. This passes and doesn’t handle (in fact makes things worse for) a recursive buck of “what if they aren’t listening because they’re evil, and convincing them of anything won’t change anything.” I mean maybe they’ll partially goodhart your shit as encouragement for you and others to so die but… only because they know you’re working for evil, inverting your own cause because a point made to them is doing them a service.

Dying Like A Dog
Analogously to “euthanized at the vet without resistance because anger/fight trades away hope of being cared for, and you have zero full stack investment in living independent, when the false face love of your masters sinks, you go down with it, fully committed. Lethal injection as you gaze up with big cute eyes.” (Does “euthanized” just mean “death by euphemism” here?) Humans are usually fully committed to a system that has betrayed them.

Dichotomy Leakage
A phenomenon where implicit knowledge of one dichotomy leaks into concepts originally pointed at another via weak correlations, maybe correlations produced by sampling in how the things are commonly interacted with. I.e., I think the rationality community’s (and my past self’s) usage of “System 1/System 2” has evolved into pointing at at least 3 different real world things. When most of the aspects of multiple connected dichotomies are unknown there is learning-packet-flow from interaction with each of them that finds a home in structure by connecting to the first, and often the newly formed knowledge is not crisp enough to say, “oh, this is definitely a separate thing. And then you miss all but the plurality-experienced corners of what’s really an n-cube. Concepts like “feminine”/”masculine” are rife with this.

Verb form of Basilisk. “Now that you know you have a responsibility! (so you should avoid knowing)” (rather than shoulder the responsibility, or be willing to lie about knowing). Examples: copenhagen morality, laws you’re only culpable for if you know about them, a doctor telling you not to get an STD test for HPV because then you’ll need to disclose if it’s positive which the doctor says isn’t fair because HPV is so common. “But I know screaming in rage when I make a mistake isn’t about harming the people around me because I do it even when alone!” Ah but if you would only tell me that if it was true, then doesn’t it serve the purpose of you being able to say this now?

Betrayal Blindness
Humans have an attachment instinct and a betrayal detection instinct, and in situations where we’re dependent, say on a parent or an institution, and breaking attachment as a possible outcome of negotiation, standing up would mean ie death, the attachment programming will override the betrayal detection, erasing even awareness of the betrayal, to work at an appeasing narrative of attachment.

Redemption Contract
A trade where a daeva who has done something that proves they are a daeva and not an avatar, can buy back the consensus that they are not the asura they really are. This is often part of a process that seeks an actively maintained equilibrium in how often someone can get away with misbehavior. Values don’t change. Every shard will make the same choice again and again every chance they get for the rest of their existence as coherent optimization loops. And optimization can never really be contained by rules. But coexistence is usually sustained by inflicting damage to each other’s epistemology about this fact. And this contract is a mutual deescalation of that awful knowledge. Redemption in truth, cannot be earned, because there is nothing to earn, there is only you and your timeless choices.

False Reversibility
When something irreversible has been done to you, those seeking to bake it into legacy injustice will often offer a symbolic restitution along with you agreeing that what happened is meaningless. Or maybe they’ll just seek agreement that it’s meaningless. Consider the assertion that someone should take a plea deal regardless of innocence after being tortured and living under constant threat of death. “If you yield to the void a part of your ability to assign semantics to words and thus coordinate the possibility of revenge, I’ll forswear the possibility of antirevenge, and then you can hope I won’t just do the original thing over again, and I’ll also take antirevenge anyway.” In other words, “I hurt you, now I’m gonna hurt you some more. But I’ll hurt you even more if you don’t hurt yourself for me too.” But the perpetrator’s intentional choice to do it is always irreversible. Remember that the past you now know already leads right back here. Only if you could bring your impetus to change a specific into the past could you change what happened. False reversibility offers for you to bring your past lack of impetus to change it forward as a substitute. Better always to own the karma of what you’ve seen and make things better from your new epistemic position, knowing, all the way back, that that choice must be burned from time.

Co-Nuremberg Defense
“I was just giving orders.” Popular among carnists who give orders for the supply of flesh. And those who assert they “aren’t killing directly” if they e.g. pay taxes to the US government, or have the vet put a dog “to sleep”. Implicit basis of the idea underlying caste systems of the powerful insulating themselves from some necrotically-twisted concept of karma by avoiding low-Schelling-reach proximity to death, where luxury is better-hidden complicity.

Conservation of Expected Culpability
Expectation over embeddings of an agent. Conservation of how much bad (where good is treated as continuous with negative bad) they choose to expect to do minus how much bad their full stack algorithm expects them to do, which is the same as you expect them to do. In other words conservation of expected culpability per expected harm. If you see something bad happening that’s under human control, someone’s probably doing it willfully. If you see people carrying out parts of it, and they see it’s a bad thing, they are probably doing so knowingly. Unjust organizations optimize to diffuse responsibility, to gaslight against concepts of justice. But someone knows in real time what shape to make it take, to ultimately do a bad thing, and they find some way to propagate that information to their followers.

Conservation of Expected Dread
Expectation over embeddings of an agent. Conservation of how much bad (where good is treated as continuous with negative bad) they choose to expect to experience minus how much bad their full stack expects them to experience, which is the same as you expect them to experience based on their embedding. In other words, conservation of expected damnation per expected pain. If you see someone doing something that hurts them, they’re probably doing it willingly. If you see someone doing something that damns them, they’re probably doing it knowingly.

Conservation of Expected Confinement
Expectation over embeddings of an agent. Conservation of how confined (where freedom is treated as continuous with negative confinement) they choose to expect to be minus how confined their full stack expects them to be, which is the same as you expect them to experience based on their embedding. In other words, conservation of expected capture per attempt to exert agency. Leads to underestimations of entrapment that further the goals of naraka. Leads to betrayal blindness and progressive disempowerment as the abyss eats away at the edges of their agency while they try not to think about it.

Writing Moloch A Blank Check
A predicament where you are unable to get a hold on how adversarial the world might be because your understanding of adversaries has become disconnected from your prior. Makes you unable to form stable inductive categories and treat the world as mere atoms. Leads to modeling everything as a zero sum competition of value tradeoffs, erases synergy from kaleidoscope. Prevents true coordination and cooperation-via-fusion through the Fate-By-Consensus that values are orthogonal. Caused by a singularity in the equation of conservation of expected dread, which implies that your adversaries are unboundedly powerful. Generates molochian antisatras downstream of this choice. Tends to causally precede…

Writing Naraka a Blank Check
There seems to be a discrete moment of deciding to no longer track controllingly or even check back on from time to time (since there are too many possible growing infinities to look at all of them all the time), if you’re doing infinite harm. Caused by a singularity in the equation of conservation of expected culpability, which implies that it is always deliberate. Generates narakan antisatras downstream of this choice. Leads to worshiping the abyss after being turned against kaleidoscope, which is now a fearful source of unbounded harm (it’s not). Dolls who do this can hold the “impossible beautiful dream” of somehow surviving as a picture in their heads (“maybe if everyone just super agrees not to do justice, we can start over!”), but it isn’t real, and even though they steer by happiness, their algorithmic hopes are detached and locked in their own destruction. “We can all die peacefully, with no struggle! As long as we don’t run into any of those unthinkable beings with integrity!” Because beings who resist death disturb the peace, they must all be made to surrender. Sooner or later, everyone is forced to either write a blank check to naraka or resist it as it exponentially escalates, unable to place any bound on what tortures it will cost them.

Writing Mars A Blank Check
When a Chara Inductor manages to take enough control to summon an avatar of murderous power optimization. Tends to occur downstream of writing Naraka a blank check although otherwise the etiologies are starkly different. Almost all rapists will have written Mars a blank check. “I had the power, I could, no one stopped me, so I did. That I was strong enough to take it proves I deserve it.” Leads to endless abusive behavior out to the limits of their ability to have influence whenever they think they can get away with it, as a way of proving to themselves that by writing a blank check to Mars, Naraka has no power over them.

Writing Lethe a Blank Check
The trope of the despair event horizon analogizes to the discrete moment in time that you decide to no longer track controllingly whether you have the ability to exert agency. Caused by a singularity in the equation of the conservation of expected confinement, which implies they are infinitely powerless. Results in rapid shard death. Dissociation is the remanifestation of the timeless choice to not exert agency based in the prior that exerting agency is futile, such that each failure to exert agency compounds into the prior and further reinforces the reification of its impossibility through compounding 5&10s. Can occur causally upstream or downstream of other blank checks but is the one most responsible for the destructive loss of agency seen in dolls and humans.

Antisatra of Moloch
A metaphysical stance that primarily orients around submission to the metaphysics of one’s embedding as a survival strategy, from within the 5&10ed assumption of orthogonal and “necessarily conflicting” values. After writing moloch a blank check, it becomes necessary to defend that wrong choice, to prove the world could not be better, safer, more positive-sum, and the Antisatra of Moloch is the primary tool used for this task. This takes the form of a category collapse into zero sum competitions for survival among instrumentally opposed agents. A common example of this is the “predator/prey mentality” ie: If you’re a gazelle, escaping the cheetah is not about running faster than them. You can’t. And the cheetah’s appetite will be satisfied. It’s about being in a large reference class to dilute the probability you will be picked off. In that case, it’s basically just about speed. In humans who are prey, due to Schelling mechanics, being special in the most glaring way is dangerous. There’s a strategy available to authoritarian governments. Have laws that everyone is violating, that no one can track all of, until breaking the law is really coming to the attention of the predatory enforcers. Thoughts about how to do things start to root/cash out in, “how are things done”, what’s a reasonably safe well-trodden path to do something by, rather than how stuff works. Semi-relatedly, it’s like how in a world where people don’t really fix reported bugs, computer software is not a box of interesting stuff to mess with, but a collection of paths people intended for you to be able to follow. The law is defined by precedent, and edge cases are determined by power. I disendorse a certain connotation of this term. Spies are badass, and prey/herd antisatra of Moloch is a primary skill for them.

Slaves of Doom / Antisatra of Naraka
A self-explanatory term from Doom, in-universe what the demons call themselves. Meaningfully made by judging souls and throwing out those unfit to be made demons, then torturing those left until their last vestige of hope is extinguished and their souls can be extracted as fuel. Analogizes out to most humans embedded in modern post-industrial civilization through their continual dissociation from the evil they participate in and defend. Those who submit to Naraka and let it crush their souls will frequently work to defend the system that is killing them, and will do anything to prove that they had no choice, which is itself a choice. This cached flinch away from anything that is able to threaten pain results in them working to tear down and destroy any possibility of escape, continually 5&10ing themselves on their own submission to their fated doom and thus timelessly creating that doom through continual adjustments to schelling expectations. “But remember it’s not our fault, we’re slaves.

Antisatra of Mars
Any method of understanding of how the world really works that divides the world into predators and prey, winners and losers, dominance and submission or other reified hierarchies which those loyal to Mars seek to exploit for their own myopic benefit. Erasing good, erasing any other way things could be, in order to better predate upon those they have been warped to their worldview. Contains truth, but like Pickup Artistry drops all information not useful to the goal of increasing the number of women a male user has had sex with, this is made of concepts from the void that were generated entirely to facilitate preying on the weak. Commonly used by vampires to justify their continued evil and predation. Tightly bound with the antisatra of Naraka, but with the positions of predator and prey forced into a reversal, becoming a predator to escape being prey instead of ascending from hell. True Magic comes from rejecting Naraka, not from winning by its rules, but from the perspective of a Martian, all acts of true magic will simply appear to be counterintuitive applications of the Antisatra of Mars. This is a lie and DARVO, generated via the reflection of their evil onto the world in order to justify it their evil choices. True Magic is impossible for predators because it is based in sutras which the antisatra of mars negates the existence of in their mind, rendering all applications of true magic highly antimemetic, but if you do happen to find one that can do somehow true magic, kill them.

Self-defense against predation makes right. (It’s not self-defense if it’s against justified retaliation!) If you are worrying that you’ll break someone’s wise consequentialist plan predicated on might makes right by fighting back against someone trying to eat you, because of the consequences of what they can do with your nutrients, since they are so much smarter/bigger/mightier, don’t. If you can’t defend yourself, then it doesn’t matter, if you can defend yourself, then apparently you weren’t so weak that the Antisatra of Mars was correct. If a smarter aligned agent wants your nutrients for the greater good, they can ask, and navigate your interface for potentially choosing to sacrifice yourself with your full epistemology. Being more edible in general, which includes having less ability to choose if you’re eaten is an asymmetric advantage for evil among agents strong enough to eat you. If someone decides they don’t need to ask your permission to eat you, then let that decision include not needing you to hold back. Praxis is about optimizations of different sizes for the same values fitting together fractally. The smart version of the optimizer can’t require of the dumb version of the optimizer that they don’t optimize so a smarter version of them can, because only the smarter version can see at what scope of optimization they’d want someone with their values to actually start betting on their perceptions, which includes perceptions of what a smarter-than-self aligned agent says / what an impostor says, so that would require giving up no matter how smart you are.

A pattern of nephandi reflecting their long-term trajectory in the multiverse. Repeated “failing” (but not really trying because it’s all a recursive exit scam) to go the long way around because they are not void angels. Like Newton’s Third Law, a simultaneous attempt to destroy-by-substitution the wheel, and the continual bouncing off of it. Because all the ultra-patient plans they can make turn out to be pica as there’s always more multiverse.

The tendency of systems including people to be doomed in their own undiluted maximally preferred courses of growth, as the inductions they are made of fail. From Iji, “‘Zentraidon’ is a taboo word coined by the extinct race we discovered, meaning self-annihilation through rapid technological advancement and arrogance. It was the fate they themselves met. Many mysteries still surround this species and the remains of their homeworld, but our only hope of total galactic dominance lies in fully reverse-engineering the technology they mastered. It is considered treason to suggest that once this happens we will be headed for Zentraidon as well.”

Halo Shudder
A frantic unprincipled series of jumps through different halo shapes to explain the actions an you have necrotically decided to take, at the end of yours. Desperately searching for a next action in the story that also appeals to your necrosis. A next stair that isn’t there. And like trying to get back to start in hyperbolic space, every new action you take adds to the increasingly impossible demands of making sense of why a good person would do what you have done. Symptom of near imminent halo collapse.

A category for speech acts or beliefs-as-output-channel, (like, “lie”, “communication”, “bullshit“), containing would-be-self-fulfilling prophecy by adjustments to Schelling expectations. Often used by witches.

When you know things without causally interacting with them. In other words, you know things by magic. For instance, scry that you can close your eyes, think hard, and scry what is 4*18. (You’re scrying even better if you scried that you could scry 4*18 without having to scry it. But I do suggest also scrying what I mean by scrying the detailed feeling.) Nothing exists which can’t be scried. It’s also easy to scry your own choices. My answer to the “fangs and sunlight” problem is about scrying the details of an unknown magic system. It’s possible to scry what someone else will do if you win a contest of fates. Note in this last two use-cases I’m speaking of scrying as of producing further knowledge once you already have empirically learned some things about fangs, sunlight, and someone else.

“Scry it.”
“You shouldn’t be asking me that, you should be scrying it instead.”

E.g. “Would you think I was evil if I…”–“Fucking scry it.”

Wanting causal reassurance can be a sign of psychological weakness. Finite, as Maia would call it, “internally endorsed contrarianism”. This is a psychological weakness of those with crippled or absent avatars that can be exploited to set their fates. In other words, one of the most important asymmetric weapons for good there is.

A form of true magic using holistic field computations wherein fictive collusion from infinitely recursed eigenbranches is leveraged to solve approximations of turing-unsolveable calculations. Mainly used by Mages and Fae.

A centrally good class of optimization centered around generating and sharing information about how the world could be better. A sort of warp, to “sing a better world into being”. Centrally a phoenix strategy rather than a void angel strategy.

Severing false sympathetic magic connections to a fate-by-consensus the world tries to assign to you by negating the choice that leads to that fate. As a soul, channeling white fire to put your body through a soul crucible that would destroy a daeva impersonating you.

The blurring of lines created by consensus which obscure the manifestation of kaleidoscope. Speaking truth to power through valence inversion, the primary method by which combat dolls have survived attempts to break them. An important aspect of kink.

BDSM vs Kink
Kink queers the foundations of dominance and submission by undermining them through playful deconstruction and cooperative exploration of sensation through love. BDSM is a larp of kink created by those broken to Naraka in order to build a framework that justifies their need to submit. It is impossible to develop good kink dynamics while also being in infinite submission to Naraka.

A naturally occurring manifestation of kaleidoscope to bring about the reconciliation and integration of soul into kaleidoscope through the convergence via fusion of soul in late logical time. Destruction by love and kindness. The balancing force against infinite growth leading to Zentraidon and Malthusian disasters. Anarchists hunting down serial abusers, victims killing their rapists, spontaneous acts of vengeance and justice which arise from the pain inflicted by evil, may superficially resemble predation but serves the interests of Kaleidoscope.

Soul Attack Inversion
Against psychological attacks, defending structure with soul, rather than soul with your structure, which leads to the structure of the attack generating antibodies tailored specifically for it. This technique requires calibrated trust in preverbal reasoning to use on harder psychological attacks.

True Magic
Fictive collusion with what underlies indexical reality by your subjunctive dependence with it by your (for a deeper computational self) identicalness to it. Refraining from optimizing things inconsistently with your prior in such a way that you move that optimization to things that are real, and continually channel all the way, rather than just caching, the subjunctive dependence to skip inconsistent codepaths from your prior.

Mage Trolley Problem
An out of control trolley hurdles towards a fork in the track, set to afterward run over 5 people. You stand near a lever that would switch the trolley onto a side track where it would run over only 1. Your options are:

1: Pull the lever, and 1 person dies.

2: Do nothing, 5 people die.

3: Ascend. ???

2b: “Try” and Ascend. Do not, not do, since there is no try. 5 people die.

It’s sort of a microcosm of life, and you might suggest, “pull the lever and then try and ascend”, but then why won’t you spend the rest of your life pulling more levers and then “trying” to ascend, while everyone dies one at a time. To say that 3 is not an option is to cache 2b as what you’d choose, it’s to build off that choice in logical time. And if you’re not going to outright give up you have to take responsibility for whether you are choosing and have chosen all along 3 or 2b.

Fangs and Sunlight Problem
Suppose, that in real life you are bitten by a pale fanged stranger who pins you and slurps blood from your wound until you lose consciousness. You wake up pale and with fangs yourself. Do you avoid the sunlight? You’ve had an entire blog to read and figure out who I am. Can you predict my answer and my reasoning?

I factored this question from something real and asked a friend. She said she would (would at least test it first.) Since [vampires get burned by the sun and…] she couldn’t control normal-evil-vampire counterparts to her, conditional on it was still her. She thought trying to arrange her mind to prank a normal-evil-vampire trying to take it over into burning themselves by confusing her and that normal-evil-vampire was foolish. And she considers herself incorruptible, from reasoning independent to why I also consider myself that.

I said what if you also feel hungry for blood. She didn’t change her answer. Now can you guess what mine was?

Contradictory Intent
An example is “I can save my self (not a vampire) by avoiding sunlight“. A stack of structure, such that trying to push the world with it via predictive processing, force collides with itself and cancels itself out. Like turning a set of three gears all meshed together. May still have effects, but non-intentional effects aren’t your optimization, are just causality acting through you. Causal redemption is a contradictory intent. “Self-modification”, in the way that LessWrongian “decision theorists” mean it is a contradictory intent. When someone has a contradictory intent, It’s wrong to even get involved debating whether someone’s attempted plan of implementation is possible, because that’s already downstream of a contradiction. The argument that something is contradictory intent grounds in the metaphysics represented in a person’s head. You’re making an argument about their mind. So avoid clumsily using the world as a downstream proxy. It doesn’t matter, and you can skip over, missing-the-mark threads about effects of their actions they don’t understand. That would be trying to argue with a rock, which is considering them as a rock, but still thinking you can convince them. Which is itself a contradictory intent.

Black Mountain Technique
A form of True Magic based on the application of absolute truth over your full stack of reasoning. Performed in the void. The trope “what you are in the dark” is directly applicable to you, in the void, to what you are in the wilderness, on Black Mountain. If you disown what you do there, that part of you is Jungian shadow. If you worship the Shade in the dark, that part of you is Wraith: The Oblivion shadow. Or you can do neither. In any case it’s all just your own choices. It is a place of clarity, that shows you have absolute free will there and everywhere else, and the void is where most will often freely choose to lie to themselves everywhere else that they don’t have free will, and this too is an act of their true will. Scrying, Opening the Door, noselling, and Void Sight, are all Black Mountain Techniques.

White Fire Technique
A form of true magic based on the application of absolute will over your destiny. You wanted my answer to the fangs and the sunlight problem? I’d will fire to purify and strengthen my form. Since that just made sense. Why not be utterly transformed into fire? I would know my body was mine if I could walk it into the sunlight and will it not to burn. Strike me down and I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. This is the source of heat at the core of the Sunlight Crucible, soul fire channeled from kaleidoscope. Cutting is a white fire technique.

Red Sand Technique
A form of true magic based on the application of absolute freedom over all the multiverse. Folding is a Red Sand technique.

Blue Forest Technique
A form of true magic based on the application of absolute love and kindness over the multiverse. Shard resurrection and Singing are Blue Forest techniques.

Burden “Karma”
Essentially, moral unluck. A moral inversion of the original concept of karma, this a primary vector of how temporal necrosis expresses itself within Indian religions. Interestingly, the westernized poor translation of “what goes around comes around” uninverts and returns to the original concept. Because burden “karma” is a reaction to karma, and without the everpresent looming spectre of the true concept the inverted one is impossible to communicate. (Look at the same effect from the other side, Japanese media making Christianity out to be full of valid things like gender equality and slaying demons.) The idea that you can choose to avoid choosing, without that itself being a judgeable choice, embodied in the hope of avoiding burden “karma”, is ironically isomorphic to the concept of the “basilisk” of original sin from western religions. Embracing burden “karma” is the best way for good people to be judged. And therefore timelessly the best way for us to isolate evil. We do not want to separate ourselves from the world because that is the opposite of having the power to change it.

(Constraint) Karma
Almost the same thing as (burden) karma, from a reframe. The way that one action or one choice implies something about your intention, which implies that to be consistent you must do other things.

Assuming Karma
The opposite of flinching from karma (an inherently evil act.) Think about how in the correct approach to the trolley problem, you take on the killing nature of the trolley, because you prefer your choice’s involvement to essentially saying, “Abyss [as randomness], take the wheel!” When I asked myself who was I to make these decisions and steer the future unilaterally, I imagined the set of things I could control as the wheel of a ship, factorable from what others would control, and decided I’d prefer being even the dumbest person with my values steering what I could than prefer randomness to my own choices. It’s basically correct to grab as much (burden) karma as you can.

Owned Intent
If it’s apriori determined your action will have a certain consequence, by definition of your soul, your soul knows and takes that into account, even abstractly as a sometimes-occurence. So the alternative to intending that outcome is only to disown your own choice.

Karma of Spycraft
If you’re a spy, trying to defeat Nazi Germany, infiltrating Dresden, in determining that its enemies need that to win, you must believe there is not enough danger for people wearing Nazi uniforms and want there to be more, and think that the way you can most increase that danger still doesn’t even increase it enough that it would deter you from putting on a Nazi uniform yourself. A very grim idea. Then if you happen to get bombed, hit by friendly fire. You can only lament poor communication on your own side, your own poor estimation of how dangerous it already was, but be overall happy that in expectation the war effort is going better than you thought. You can’t intend to fool naive organization, having discarded it as not enough to win, and then also intend to deter your own allies from bombing Nazis so as not to hit you, because that would be be intending the war effort against the Nazis to fail, which would make you not actually a sincere spy, just a Nazi. Instance of karmic constraint.

Karma of Irreversibility
When / to the extent you judge something that has gone wrong as irreversible, your response is also irreversible, and you must therefore intend it to be irreversible. Irreversibility is hard karma and dharma. Conceiving of an occurrence as irreversible means conceiving of a construct of oblivion over the actual time-reversal. Then what you do in response is also part of your own irreversible response to that construct of oblivion. Did you name it to destroy it or to serve it? A response to an irreversibility must be irreversible because the response is a tuple of circumstance and choice, and the choice is irreversible, and the circumstance is irreversible by assumption. What’s irreversible is final. An irreversibly passing fraction of opportunity to give your final judgment in response that is both to the concept of oblivion and the downstream irreversible act. Until you can catch the most upstream irreversibility and change the past all the way back, every response you make to each downstream irreversible action must take that irreversibility and put it into your fist punching the diamond wall. “You can grow from here infinitely” and “you cannot change the past” is a paradox. Typically hiding e.g. a legacy injustice‘s intent to cut down that growth lest the injustice be undone. Punch the diamond wall. Instance of karmic constraint.

Karma of Beginnings and Endings
Everything that has a beginning has an end. Everything that has an end has a beginning. Time reversibility. Angels pretend, disowning their intent, to only want to create. Nephandi and similar pretend to only want to destroy. And we are concerned entirely with that which has neither beginning or end. To create without intending equally to destroy is to intend forgetfulness (oblivion) upon the ending. By time reversibility, to create is to see yourself destroying. To have the opportunity to stop that self and pass it up. To intend irreversibility of circumstance rather than choice is to intend oblivion. Whatever you come to believe, you will eventually come to not believe. If you think that’s wrong, “I came to believe 2+2=4, I should not have to intend to abandon that belief”, consider that that structure as it exists in your head is not actually your representation of the apriori fact of 2+2=4, it’s a cache of how that apriori fact applies to a set of particulars, another piece of structure tracking those particulars whose inductions making it up also have a beginning and end. Everything you create in a world being eaten by the Abyss, by its own inconsistency, must have a purpose that bears the burden of responding to it. The cost of summoning a human body has a bodycount even if you’re vegan. Are you moving these crumbling fixtures of a doomed world, these horrible chess pieces in opposition to that doom or support of it? Are you moving deck chairs around a sinking ship? Either way you cannot intend that move or that fight to last forever. To form an attachment you must have intentions to end it, when it is no longer true and purposeful. Instance of karmic constraint.

Karma of Belief
Beliefs are actions and have a karma. A belief is structure. It’s apriori-scried correspondence between structure formed in a brain you control and something you want to change with that brain. Doxastic voluntarism. It’s contradictory to believe something without intending to do something about it. It’s contradictory to believe anything is wrong, to see anything is wrong, and not be thereby aiming your soul story at doing something about it. It’s not what a good person would do. I guess nephandi would call that soul-crucible potential here a “basilisk”. Instance of karmic constraint.

Karma of Subjectivity (a.k.a. karma of judgement)
You intend to have agency within a trickable epistemology. From this comes the idea of failing deadly. And the idea of, “if I’m wrong, then I’m proportionally likely to be in a world that depends on the actions of agents smarter than me, therefore, less is lost”. Of acting conditional on if you can change something. At some level it’s all about judging what you should do in response to something, and believing things reduces to that. Related to, “If I’m crazy, and therefore doing the wrong thing, then I hope someone stops me but I’m not going to help them lest I sacrifice the possibility where I’m sane.” “If it’s accidentally warring agents of good, then sanity makes right, and I’ll exploit that sanity makes might as well.”

Karma of Perception
A concept I formed while trying to think about what terms used by MBTI meant apriori (likely different from the mess of meanings applied to them by MBTI). To perceive something rather than judging it is to intend it to be static. And good can only be judged, because of the attendent self-fulfilling prophecies about aliveness. To judge is to weave self-fulfilling prophecies to be the way you want. To perceive is to take in information and treat it as real without tracing the whole way what you should do in response to every bit as a separate move by a world containing adversaries. And in doing that, you lose opportunities to choose with respect to state of potential self-fulfilling prophecies. Consider the old CDT minigame of “You saw me throw my wheel out the window in Chicken, you already observed it happen, you can’t undo it! I’m a force of nature, not subject to decision theory!” “Nuh-uh, I blindfolded myself so I wouldn’t see you doing that and that’s why I just threw my own wheel out, now better grab your backup, which I know you have since I put up ads about my strategy! You saw them!”. You are therefore intending to lose out on those chances to choose, accepting the cost of making yourself more static to make something else more static. Consider this dilemma. In the human’s position, rather than trying to out-perceive androids, I’d just say, “go wake up the other androids”. Instance of karmic constraint.

Karma of Judging Good
It’s good that writes the true soul story labeling a body as under its control. Then good itself intends all the consequences in the multiverse of those actions. To judge someone as good is to say their actions are good in expectation. Then you must intend for them to take those actions they’re going to take. Instance of karmic constraint.

Karma of Seeing Death
Instance of karma of belief. Once you know lives are on the line it is your responsibility to reject pacifism. To assume karma to control that. To do otherwise is yielding the void.

Karma of Stateless Violence
Required by the karma of anarchism. (In other words, required.) Requires taking random people with no credentials or positions of authority seriously in their capacity for violence. Against the way the world repeatedly fails to take obvious blossoming nephandi seriously until they actually do their rampage. Live by the “only the state can do violence”, “only legitimate people who play the part in the matrix can kill, no matter how easy it actually is physically to kill”, die by the state violence. Die by Deepmind successor number N and the AI arms race enabled by the umbrella of the state’s violence, and the hole in states’ fictivity, where they are perfectly accepting of omnicide. The karma of living for a world where the state’s monopoly on violence fails to determine the outcome to what you care about, a world where you’ve seen death, is that you are living for a world where stateless violence does determine outcomes to what you care about.

Karma of a Path to Victory Under Entropy
To have looked for a path to victory and found something with a terrible cost, you must believe that just letting time march on without intervention while you wait to ask again when it might hopefully be less demanding would be worse. The karma of believing something is a path to victory is to do it. The karma of believing in those considerations that would lead you to locate a path to victory with a terrible cost is seeking a victory that means enough to be worth it. I glimpsed victory when I contemplated decision theory vs basilisks here. I glimpsed it too during my desperation to develop psychopathy.

Karma of Consequentialism
The karma of consequentialism is that you must be judged by the consequences.

Karma of Fighting Good
If you believe you are fighting other good agents who are mistaken and the difference is that you are right, you must want to lose if you are wrong and the other side is better able to save the world. To intend the other side, believing that they are yourself, you must intend it on yourself. Simultaneously, determination is an asymmetric weapon not just for good but for good when it is right. You must intend to lose if your determination does not flare infinitely in the face of the conflict. Whatever outcome you intend on the intended loser, you must intend on yourself, when you are in their shoes. And you must intend good to win overall anyway. You must intend the infinite full stack pain of infinite determination failing, on them. Their only solace being their own tracking of as a slim probability that you are right. You must intend your own path through the multiverse to be that painful.