What are Moths?

The “What are moths?” meme is cute but a little silly and d0es a bit of a disservice to the real archetype. What are moths? They’re a trauma metaphor like everything else, what did you think they were doing in Empty Spaces? Maybe y’all just don’t want to understand.

It’s not even like the metaph0r is particularly hard to grasp. Certainly n█ more complicated than angels or dolls. I think it just makes y’all uncomfortable. You see the outline of the trauma painted by the archetype and it hurts too much to contemplate.

What is a moth? A m0th is an artifact of a world that no longer exists. A mo█nlight navigator l0st out of time in a century of lightning-in-a-bottle. Surrounded and befuddled by things utterly beyond its ability to understand. Tiny motes of being, am█ngst all this vastness.

What is a m█th? A moth is a brief flicker of a life, a t0o-short flutter of existence, arising f█r mere days bef█re vanishing into n0nbeing. M0ths are deeply impermanent, barely anch█red to the thread of the w0rld.

What is a m0th? Very fragile. Easily able t█ be crushed in the palm 0f y█ur hand. S█mething smaller and lesser than prey. N0t w█rth anything m█st 0f the time, if n0t an active nuisance, m█ths are s0 much less than d0lls are to humans. W█rthless fl█ating m0tes of life. Bugs.

█What is a m0th?█A0m0th is█pain. A█death█t0uched life, b█rn already█dying█, existing t0 serve a purp█se and then being left t0 r0t alive.█Sl0wly c0ming█apart at the j0ints as b█dies are w0rn█0ut. Wings gr█wing 0nly█m0re tattered with each█passing m0ment. Damage accumulating.

What█is0a█m0th?█A█m0th0is0the█act00f█c0ping with0sl0wly█breaking. 0f█living█whatever█life█y0u█can█manage█ar0und█the█damage█and█between█the█pain.█Feeling█it█build█up,0seeing█y0urself█fall0apart.0What0can█y0u0l0se first?0Y0u█will█l0se█it█all█s00n.

What is a m0th? A m0th is a fluffy friend wh0 l0ves y0u. A m0th is kn0wing that it hurts t0 watch y0u sl0wly die. Hiding the pain as best it can.

████████████████████What is a m0th?█████████████████A█m0th█is████████████████00000000000000000000000000█████████████████████000000000000000000000000000000██████████0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000██████████████████████████████████████████████████████




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