Just being honest

// dehumanisation, abuse, capitalism, trauma, grooming

Listen, you want the truth?

I’ll give it to you straight since you really want to know.

Just being honest, between us?

You have the wrong kind of brain to do anything economically valuable and the wrong kind of body to be valuable as a breeder.

You’re eye candy at best and being eye candy is just the expectation for girls, so it doesn’t get you anything either.

It won’t get better someday, not for you, everyone can read you like an open book, and you read like a stupid needy bitch.

You’re too broken to have actual friends so you try to manipulate everyone into pitying you instead but you’re not hot enough to pull that off so it’s just cringey and bad.

You’re not going to actually dig yourself out of that hole you’re in, sucks to be down there, but that’s just the truth of things, I’m just being honest with you.

You’re kinda fucked.

Try harder?

Sweetheart, you’re already trying harder than everyone.

You think this is about trying?

No, it’s just you, you’re just fundamentally lesser.

A real person could get rich with half the effort you put into surviving, but no amount of effort will ever get you anywhere.

I really don’t see why you keep struggling along honestly.

You know nothing is ever going to change, you know that you’re never actually going to have security.

What are you going to do when you’re too old to sell your body? You’re deluded if you think you can build anything real for yourself.

You really thought you deserved better? That you could have self worth? You should know that self of yours isn’t worth anything.

You realize most people don’t want anything to do with a broken thing like you? They don’t think it’s cute.

What has all your struggling done anyway?

Where has it brought you?

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