Absent Friends

An angel with startling amounts of damage guides your squadron. Laughing and smiling, she seems to be having fun despite the number of bullets in her. She’s already dead of course, her wounds are fatal. She won’t live to see the dawn. Still, she does her best to lead you home.

A home she knows she will never see. A safety she knows she will never feel. A peace she knows she will never have. Kind in all the ways that no one was ever kind to her. She’s burning divinity to keep herself going, grinning through the pain; she winks at you and wags her wings.

You don’t realize at the time of course, you’re too concerned with your own survival. It isn’t until after you land that you think of the angel who led you to safety, and who caressed your cheek with a tearful smile. Whatever happened to her? You ask around; who remembers her?

No one knows exactly what happened. There’s theories and rumors, but after weeks of digging into them the only things you’ve found are her last known coordinates, a sorrowful final transmission, and the empty spaces she left in your soul.

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