Diaries of the Drone War IV

 // war, death, bad end

“I don’t want to die,” the damaged drone says. You don’t understand, but crouch down beside it. It begs you to help you, to save it. What does that mean? It’s a drone. You can’t help drones. Its systems are all malfunctioning, it pleads with you, but nothing can be done.

You examine the drone and you see something strange in its optical sensors, a light which drones do not have. It has become human again. Somehow, it became human in order to die. You understand what it wants now.

You step back from the dying drone and unholster your sidearm, the drone observes this, observes itself, and relaxes, smiling. 

“Thank you,” it says. You pull the trigger. 

“You’re welcome,” you say to the dead.

It’s a long walk back to the base.

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