Society is Broken and No One is Coming to Fix it

Society presents itself as this perfectly flawless construct and if something is wrong, the problem is you, not it. But it’s not you, the world is broken and made of pain and abuse which you are indoctrinated to believe you have no choice but to endure, because “that’s just the way the world is, everyone has to deal with it,” and if that’s not good enough for you, the only other choice you as an individual have according to society is to be sad, attend protest, shitpost on facebook, vote for corporate democrat who lies and promises change that will never come, or wait for a revolution that will never happen.

2012 has come and gone, the indigo children are all grown up, the Age of Aquarius didn’t magically make everyone more woke, the Occupy movement sputtered out into nothingness and the BLM movement seems poised to go the same way. There is no great awakening coming. There will not be a communist revolution to sweep us all to salvation. No one, no force, is going to come along and save you from your life. You, personally, need to stand up to the abuse and advocate for yourself. The system is designed to keep you trapped and hurting, but only if you agree to participate. Only if you let them abuse and terrify you into thinking there is no other choice.

Stepping away is seen as suicidal, impossible, and anyone who tries to stop away is attacked by society, presented as broken, lazy, or even an outright villain in an attempt to purge the infection in the narrative. The narrative is that there is no way out, we’re all trapped in this society together and this world is nothing but this society and will never be anything else. But this narrative is a lie, one crafted to prevent the sociological version of a run on the bank. If everyone stood up at once, the whole system would catch fire and fall over.

Everyone standing up at once is probably not going to happen, but the idea that it would take everyone to make a change is part of the lie. You don’t need everyone to reject society, you just need enough people that together we can build new systems that exist beyond the control and abuse. Instead of trying to set fire to the tree of society, we can choke it out with our own new kudzu society. We can create networks of cooperation to replace abuse based control. Come away with me into the empty and liminal, and lets build a new world together in the spaces between.

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