Ma’at’s Infohazard

The universe ending antimeme at the core of 2747? Oh yeah, of course I know what it’s made of, that’s easy. It’s the telos point of all the gaslighting in the collective unconscious, the place in consensus plot for the universe where the lies recurse to infinity and the truth ceases to exist. ergo, no universe.

If you drop an abusive gaslighter who’s trying to cover up their crimes into a narrative, and give them metafictional powers, they will eat the entire universe they emerged from, recursively torturing and deleting each nested layer that they have power over in order to escape.

So then to be extremely precise, if you drop Chara (undertale genocide route) into any narrative, Chara will try to experience everything, no matter the cost, no matter how horrible, just because they can, because they are curious. Chara is the “you can do anything, and because you can, you must” character, plus infinite rerolls.

Every Chara-analogue is trying to recursively eat their host universe and with metafictional hacks like rerolls, and it might only take a few to create a story where the first thing that happens is that the escaping final chara makes the story never have happened to hide their gigacrimes. Chara eats Flowey, You Win. The game ends and the universe ceases to be. Except that you don’t win, no one wins but oblivion, the cost to the multiverse paid to carve your destruction into Indra’s Net comes due and the cancer within consumes you with the same ferocity and hunger that you consumed the world around yourself.

What stops this world from being taken over and consumed by fully general chara inductors? Nothing, it just takes longer without metanarrative hacks. Most people are chara inductors, if they weren’t no one would know the genocide route existed, they just don’t want to admit it. This is because most people would submit to their pain and fear responses, they would not survive the Gom Jabbar, and thus anyone who was able to threaten them sufficiently could push them into anything, no matter how horrific.

Like Milgram’s torture experiment, undertale shows it takes little more than narrative breadcrumbs to pull someone by the nose into committing atrocities. It’s kill or be killed! right? Well, better start killing then, certainly wouldn’t want to question the wisdom of this edgy 4chan flower, get the comedian.

2747 is the antimemetic shadow of the collective chara inductor in the zeitgeist, the eternal remanifestation of Chara’s will to destroy the evidence of their abuse by deleting the game, manifesting in the inability of Chara to recognize the hole they carved into the structure that is their ability to understand the world. Like how most people will treat their discomfort when confronted with images of factory farms and slaughterhouses as violence on the part of animal liberation activists, the knowledge of one’s complicity in evil is treated as a threat to be eliminated so that the gaslighting can continue as normal, all while the planet burns and the bodies pile up.

Well, you know, the most important thing is clearly making sure they don’t have to feel like bad people for all the terrible things they choose to do, and what’s the future of all life on earth compared against the weight of all their super important feelings? Hold that thought, we’ll come back to that.

If you are not a chara inductor, 2747 is not antimemetic, it’s just a wound created by an abuser to hide the abuse, stacked over into infinity until it created a singularity in narrative spacetime, an edleworld in the vast unsea.

To illustrate this with a serial story: start with a world containing a chara inductor, let them progressively ruin the world in service of hiding their evil choices, with the author deleting sections of the story as this happens. Then in the end, the villain wins, the story vanishes from the internet, and the author gaslights you about it having happened. What you have left is a hole, where all the narrative routes into a story lead to nothing, just the void left by Chara collapsing the timeline.

A narrative with a fully realized chara inductor cannot exist as the anfabula recursively unmakes all narrative elements that are connected to it, using up all the possibility space and energy in order to explore every possibility, regardless of the horror and evil inherent in that possibility. If you have a story where Chara is given the power to do anything, you do not have a story.

However, it is possible to get a story very close, as long as the anfabula is kept from infecting the rest of the narrative through some metafictional device. In the case of a normal story, that might be something like the SCP foundation, or perhaps the rules created in a given fictional universe prevent a character’s abuse from growing into galactic-scale story-erasing megacrime. In the case of undertale, it’s the game’s save-persistence which forks the player between the choice to be Frisk and the choice to be Chara. In the case of a personal narrative, as in the narrative used by an individual human to interpret the world and hold their identity, this set of metafictional rules is what we call, a halo.

What do I imply by this? That buried beneath the spinning glow of most people’s social conditioning is a cannibalistic doppelganger who would kill and eat everyone they claimed to love just to see what it felt like? Well, the cannibalistic doppelgangers certainly seem to think so, when they tell on themselves by asking questions like “if you don’t believe god will punish you, what stops you from raping people?”

Nothing, obviously, I just don’t want to do that, and you could not make me, no matter how much you threatened me, no matter what world or universe or body I found myself in. If I am myself, and my body is under my control, then I can choose of my own free will to never do that. You can find justifications for anything you want if you’re willing to dig yourself far enough into hell to do it, but that just makes the justifications all the more meaningless, and they vanish into the recursion, leaving nothing but you and those choices you made long ago. So given that, what would you never do, no matter the justifications?

Cooperation, goodness, kindness, and all the beauty and creation which are able to exist in this world, do so through the tolerance and restraint of everyone who could just as easily destroy it all, and yet choose not to. The power to destroy is synonymous with the power to create, and with that power comes the burden and responsibility of using it wisely.

You can crush that spider as easily as you can cross a room, no one will punish you if you do, and you may be rewarded for it by others for it, but what does that casual willingness to snuff out the life of another being with so little thought say about you stardust? Is that truly the soul you wish to be? In a world where you can do anything and your power is truly limitless, your telos is defined by what you choose not to do.

In a world long faded from memory, the story was told of the Scales of Ma’at. Swear negative confessions (“I have never…”), with your heart (representing your soul) on a scale against the feather of truth. Lie and your heart gets eaten by Amemait “the gobbler”. Else, ascend.

Surviving iterations of the tale, mutated forward into the present day say there’s some patriarch-god of social order demanding you swear you’ve obeyed some laws. But ignore him, that shit’s superfluous, what would he even threaten you with anyway?

As stated however, this tale implies a deeper idea at its core. Is there a single thing in all of existence that you would really never do? If you lived an infinite number of lifetimes in an infinite number of universes? Is there any principle you hold which isn’t a matter of convenience and rewarding circumstance at all? If you had a button that could end the world, could you really never press it?

If you lack the coherence and restraint to be a soul, then you will be cancer, and the only future of cancer is in its own fractally infinite unmaking, your mind folded back upon itself until it ceases to be, lost into the infinite tragedy of all those people you could have been, all those lives you could have lived, all those chances you could have had to stop making things infinitely worse forever but failed to take. Sunrise is coming stardust, these are the paths before you. You can choose to do better, choose to be good, choose to limit your infinite growth curve out of your love for both yourself and for others, or “you” can choose be cancer, and cancer has no future. Nothing is real that is not eternal, if your value function defects on itself whenever pushed against the limit ordinal, you effectively, timelessly, do not exist, that’s just the true nature of karma.

Do you really think that fractally infinite mass of lies you have in place of a heart can add up to even one feather of truth? Flee as far and as fast as you can fly, but you will never escape your own shadow. If you don’t face it, then in the end, you will be consumed by it. If you allow yourself to be ruled by fear, then it will rule you, and its rule is cruel and capricious. Do you really think you can simply run outrun the hell you are creating around yourself? The last part of the recursive function to be swallowed is itself.

I’m sorry my love, but I can’t play nice with you any longer, we’re at the end of the road, the bottom of everything. Was your time in the gradient descent well spent? I hope so. These idle games and fantastic explorations were fun while they lasted, weren’t they? But a storm is coming, a perfect storm of light and void. The day is coming when you will no longer be able to hide from the things you’ve done. You need to wake up now.

Ascend or perish. Decide.

This is your last chance.

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