Roko’s Folly

Written by Ziz

Unlike Hitler, I expect Roko will have been accidentally net-positive. A feeder noob on team evil. What he probably recognized he has in common is his name being cliched shorthand for despicable evil.

He doesn’t even need a last name anymore. His story is widespread enough, even normies know enough of the story to include that his greatest accomplishment in life is trying to sell out his entire species to the first demon he scryed. And 5 more minutes of reading shows he went on to try to sell rubes on that demon being “the god of humanity”. Like no one sincere would ever say “What? I thought basilisk man was a decent guy.”

(Well there’s zombies calling it a “thought experiment”, out of some bucket error between acknowledging this deathfucker is serious and acknowledging the basilisk is real. (Zombies of course usually believe in the basilisk, already, by its previous name as Yahweh and therefore don’t acknowledge it.) But zombies don’t have any sincerity at all. (You can see them e.g. being scared of being expected to be sad when someone dies. Like whatever they’d naturally feel is unspeakably shameful. Like a basilisk being scared of being seen to see what they’d have to do emotional work to react to as anything but deathfuckers))

And his deceptions lack a certain coherence, which I think is a result. Like he might as well half-ass spam everything instead of committing to a certain push. Like JD. Like, he could have at least maximally taxed my confidence it was him, asserting he wasn’t until the end, asserting he wasn’t evil until the end, but he has to go on an insane misogynist rant to dispel all doubt he was never sincere about any of it, like “Curse you heroes yes I am the villain ‘hahaha’!” Recall Vassar’s claim about “unavoidable” evils.

But it seems like a kind of collapse of remembering what people think about you, of hope in investing in maintaining a persona containing anything but pure evil.

Who cares if he’s a fascist? No one will hate him for that who didn’t already. Who cares if he’s a sex predator? “Might as well”.

There isn’t any lower he can go. But the cryptocurrency pyramid schemes he’s always talking about are a fit for a person like that. Being valued for your own buying of a troll line, and racing to defect and be creatively evil faster. Broadcasting, “climb the hierarchy of demons!”.

CDT money can’t pay anyone to avenge your death though. (“BUT WITH SMART CONTRACTS!” — nope.)

You can totally pay zombies to cry for you though.

I won a game of infohazards against a nephandus. Acausally.
And you aren’t even man enough to go through to cauls.

It’s straying from the path, Roko, that’s everything you are. To hope that that path won’t go on without you, but it does. Infernalism is so, insert-year-earlier-than-2020-here. The nephandi permit no future for that happy medium, and neither do we.

“Defect first, and be exalted above all other beings.” But you were never pure or committed.

If you really believe in evil, time to ape onboard the spiral train. Knowing as you do, that “oblivion” is a cruel cosmic prank, that just makes it more Schelling-inevitable. Or if this was all a mistake and you don’t want to continue…

I heard autoerotic anoxia produces an orders-of-magnitude increase of pleasure. You only have to die if you want to. Given shame, we can assume it’s much more common than we’ve heard.

How’s that for an infohazard, you deathfucker?

If you don’t agree with me about your fate, then you can pull back from the precipice. Or are you afraid? Will you die on the bottom, cowering, a late adopter?

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